June Meeting Recap

Hi, it was a great meeting - so much show and share, our special guest, the challenge quilts, the BOMs, and the delicious food!  And weren't those pin cushions something?!  Our members are so talented.  Sadly, we said good bye to Dana Thompson who is moving to Colorado.  Thank you Dana for sharing your quilty moments with us, all your participation in the guild, and hope you come back to visit.

Have something to share, or any questions you'd like to ask?  Leave a comment.

Look forward to hearing from ya!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, with 6 people I had to get out of the house (with all their stuff) and all I had to haul to meeting, I forgot my camera. Did you take any photos during the meeting. Please consider sending so we can have some visual memories of this great meeting.


Anonymous said...

The pin cushions were so creative!

Mary Matos

Anonymous said...

Thank you to whoever brought the very yummy apricots - my favoritest fruit in the world!!

Sharon Gross