New Website for Raincross Quilt Guild


We have a new website:  RaincrossQuiltGuild.com

Please head to https://raincrossquiltguild.com/ to read the news!

This blog will stay here, so all Blocks of the Month from past years, as well as the history of our Raincross Quilt Guild will remain.

See you over at the new place!



May 2023 Meeting Recap

The block above, May basket, is a fitting start for this post, and I love the base shown in our new challenge fabric (more on that later).

Show and Share led us off. From bags to mini-quilts to wallhangings, we had quite a show!

So many beautiful quilted treasures.  Please bring your quilts to Show at our next Show-and-Share at our June meeting.

Jeri Read and Charlotte Byrne showed off the newest Block of the Month block: Japan.

Here's a close-up.  We are taking a journey around the world, and Charlotte has created interesting blocks for us to make.  The links are at the top of the page, under BOM.

We had a look at a beautiful Quilts of Valor quilt at our meeting.  If you need more info, please reach out to us via email (raincrossqg@gmail.com), or to Phyllis Hodel or Sandy Sheppard, who are the volunteers who are in charge of Quilts of Valor.

Andie and Dawn Marie Babbe worked hard to choose a Challenge Fabric for 2023, and they handed out small packets of fabric tonight of this glorious fabric by Phillip Jacobs (for the Kaffe Fassettt Collective), titled Amaryllis (PWPJ104).  See Andie and Dawn Marie to get yours.  

Then Andie and Dawn Marie treated us to a show of challenge fabrics from past years:

Your challenge fabric project is due September 2023, and can be entered into four different categories;
  1. Quilts
  2. Wearables
  3. Wallhanging and Table Runners
  4. Bags

Saturday Sew Day • May 27, 2023 • Saturday • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We took a vote, and several of our members are meeting this month for our monthly Sew Day, even though it is Memorial Day Weekend.  It will be held (as is usual) at the Lake Matthews Community Room 16453 El Sobrante Rd, Riverside, CA 92503, across from the fire station. We'll have a potluck salad lunch (bring something to go with salad greens or a side or a dessert). If you have any questions, reach out to Barbara Mathews. If you can join us, see you there.

Retreat News (and Round Robin)

The recent retreat was a fun success and everyone had a great time.  Many Round Robin quilts were finished and were shown at the meeting.  We won't be posting them on here yet, as July 2023 is the month they are due; we can't wait to see them.

The Beach Retreat is coming!  There will be a $100 deposit; stay tuned for more details. 

We'll see you next month: June 20, 2023 • 6:30-8 p.m. 

If you have items for the Guild Blog/Newsletter, please send them to the Guild email (raincrossqg@gmail.com) by Wednesday, June 14th or earlier.


May 16, 2023 General Meeting


May 16, 2023 Meeting • 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

This coming Tuesday will be our meeting for May, and we hope to see you there.  You can gather beginning at 6:00 p.m., but the meeting will begin at 6:30, and end at 8:00 p.m. Bring your name badge so we can get to know each other, and be sure to check in to the Janet Goeske center.  If you don't have your badge, you can check-in manually.

By way of introduction, I'm taking over Social Media from Cassandra Gray, who has served us for five years doing this blog and running our social media. My name is Elizabeth Eastmond, and I have been a quilter for nearly half a century.  I have done all sorts of quilting including traditional, modern, and art quilts.  I'm a fan of learning new things, and have a love for English Paper Piecing, Foundation Paper Piecing, wool appliqué, appliqué, piecing -- all the things that all the members of the Raincross Guild do so well.  I have taught all over the Southland at many guilds (including this one!), design patterns and have sold to QuiltMania, as well as made quilts for major companies.  I currently write the website OPQuilt.com, and hope to serve here at Raincross as faithfully and as well as all the great volunteers who run this Guild.  We do hope you will consider joining in and find a way to keep this great guild going strong. 

Once a month a post will go up on this blog, and will serve as sort of a newsletter for our Guild.  Hopefully that post will have all that you need to know.  If you have news that needs to be included, send it to our guild's email : raincrossqg@gmail.com, with Newsletter Item in the subject line.  

Please be aware that we would like to send this out a few days in advance of the monthly meeting; please send your items by the 2nd Tuesday of each month to be included.

Throwback to June 2010, to a Guild Challenge; Unfortunately I don't have info on the maker

We are refreshing our By-Laws for the Raincross Quilt Guild.  If you would like to help, please contact Jeri Read or Charlotte Byrne, who are overseeing the process.  And, if you have a copy of the original by-laws, we'd love to see it.  Sometime over our 25+ years, the original has gone missing.  You can either send it to our email (raincrossqg@gmail.com) or see Charlotte or Jeri.

If you haven't joined our Guild, please do!  We meet monthly, and beginning next month, the dues for the remainder of the year are a bargain at half price.  See our Membership Chair, Dawn Meade, for more information.

May Meeting

Jeri Read will get the meeting started at 6:30 p.m.  Wear your name tag, check in to the Goeske Center, and if you want, bring some hand-sewing.

Throwback to March 2016

 Next up is our Show and Share.  Please bring your quilted items to Guild Meeting so we can all enjoy what you've been working on.  Many thanks to the Chairs of Show and Share.

Announcements about Current Events and Upcoming Events
  •  Charlotte Byrne: Block of the Month
    • The Block of the Month is up on our blog by the time of the meeting.  We post them under the Header titled BOM (of course!).
  • Barbara Mathews: Retreat Reports (both!)  
    • Anyone interested in coming to our Sew Day on Memorial Day Weekend?
  • Cassandra Gray:  Round Robin, last exchange
    • Cassandra writes: "Our last exchange is at the guild meeting tomorrow, so please make sure you get your last round done and bring the bag you have to the meeting where you’ll get to take your bag home!!  You’ll then have until the July meeting to complete your quilt (or just the top, that’s okay too - we want to see it!) to bring to the guild meeting. Thank you for participating and can’t wait to see all the quilts!"
  • Dawn Marie Babbe, Programs: Suzie Nash Class
    • At this point, the Suzy Nash class is full, but Dawn Marie is taking sign-ups on the waitlist.

Get ready for our 2023 Challenge Fabric!  Andie and Dawn Marie Babbe will presenting it to us this coming Tuesday.  So come ready to listen...and to get the fabric.  If my notes are correct, the Fabric Challenge will be due in September, with four different categories: more info on Tuesday.

How many of you use Instagram?  We are thinking of setting up a Raincross Instagram Account.  If you are a Instagram user, please contact me, Elizabeth Eastmond (raincrossqg@gmail.com), and let me know your account name.  

And Facebook?  Are you still interested in that platform?  How many of you use Facebook regularly?  I'm usually in the back of the room if you want to talk to me at Guild Meeting.

Lastly, how many of you are quilt bloggers or have a quilt-related website? If you are, and would like to be included on our Blog Roll, please contact me at our Guild's email.  We will be porting over to a new platform this summer, and would like to include those blogs.  The Guild email is raincrossqg@gmail.com.

And P.S.  How many of you noticed that we have a thimble in our Raincross Logo?

Throwback to June 2019

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up.  
Please have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Many Thanks to Cassandra!

 It is with gratitude that we thank Cassandra G. for all her service as being Blog Mistress.  Cassandra has been writing on this blog since early 2016: that's five years of goodness she's been delivering, right on schedule.  We are so grateful for her writings, her musings, her photos, her maps, her videos and for keeping us updated.


1st Wednesday of the month Quilt Zoom this Wednesday

Scrap Metal Garden

Come join us virtually for another quilt zoom session this Wednesday evening at 6pm! The Zoom link is pinned to the top of the guild Facebook page or drop a message below and I'll email it to you. See you there!

- Cassandra G.


Saturday Sew Day this month is this weekend

Our monthly 4th Saturday of the month Sew Day is this Saturday at the Lake Mathews Community Room 16453 El Sobrante Rd, Riverside, CA 92503, across from the fire station. We'll start at 9am and typically go to 3pm and have a potluck salad lunch (bring something to go with salad greens or a side or a dessert). If you have any questions, reach out to Barbara M. See you there!

- Cassandra G.


2023 Raincross Quilt Guild Spring retreat at Vina Registration form

For those going or wanting to go to the Spring retreat, please print and fill out the registration form. Deposit is $100. Spots are filling up! Contact Barbara M. with any questions.

- Cassandra G.


Saturday Sew Day this month is this weekend

Our monthly 4th Saturday of the month Sew Day is this Saturday at the Lake Mathews Community Room 16453 El Sobrante Rd, Riverside, CA 92503, across from the fire station. We'll start at 9am and typically go to 3pm and have a potluck salad lunch (bring something to go with salad greens or a side or a dessert). If you have any questions, reach out to Barbara M. See you there!

- Cassandra G.


January Guild Meeting now set for Tuesday Jan 31st at the Goeske

Great news quilt fans! We've been able to procure our normal meeting room at the Goeske Center for Tuesday, January 31st! We'll be meeting at the normal time, 6pm, in the normal room, at the normal place, just two weeks later than normal!

We will also be taking memberships - the cost is $25 for year payable by check or cash (exact change appreciated). Everyone needs to fill out 2023 membership form, which you print and fill out to bring with you or fill out at the meeting.

The retreat teams will also be taking deposits for this year's Vinya de Lesstonac, aka The Nunnery, retreat in May, which will be May 12-14. The total is $340 and a $100 deposit is required to hold your spot; the remainder is due by the April 18th guild meeting.

Here's your reminder list of things to bring:

  • Your homemade name badge
  • Your Show and Share quilts
  • Your December Block of the Month
  • Your Round Robin exchange (if you are participating)
  • $25 for membership and a filled out form (or you can fill one out at the meeting)
  • If you want to attend the Vinya retreat, at least a $100 deposit in check or cash
  • Your Raincross Quilt Guild pin, which is worth an EXTRA ticket in the door prize drawing! If you don't have one, you can purchase one for $5 at the door.
  • Bottled water or other non-alcoholic drink

- Cassandra G.


January Guild Meeting postponed until Tuesday January 24th

Most of you have probably heard from the Goeske Center that the Center will be closed this Monday and Tuesday January 16th and 17th due to rain damage, causing our guild meeting there to be a no go.

As an in person guild meeting this month is vital so that we can perform important guild business (Show and Share, Round Robin, 2023 membership, retreat signups, etc.), we are working on still having an in person guild meeting this month postponed one week and at the Goeske Center if we can. Stay tuned and we will confirm the date, time, and location of the January meeting just as soon as we can lock it it. Thank you for your patience!

- Raincross Quilt Guild board