Community Service

Happy QOV recipient Ken A.

  • Quilts of Valor  - Susan C
  • VA Quilts - Andie B 
  • Humane Society - Samantha N
  • Neonatal Quilts - Mary T
  • Happy Bags - Dawn M
Check your Guild listing for contact info, or email the Guild for information.

Project Details

  • Animal Shelter Project
  • Neonatal Quilts
  • Isolette Covers
  • Happy Bags
  • VA Lap Quilts: 36" by 42 - 48" (no larger on either dimension).  Any kind of binding can be used but it should be machine sewn. Fabrics do not have to be patriotic, but are preferable. No thick batting please.
  • Quilt of Valor: The ideal size is 60 x 80. The minimum is 55 x 65 and the maximum is 72 x 90. Each quilt must have a specific Quilt of Valor label added - contact Susan C. for a label and any other questions.


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