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Nancy Roth said...

Thank you all for helping me with the baskets of Pay and Take items !!!! However, I think one of you may have laid your handouts from last night into one of the baskets. I have them. If these handouts are yours let me know and I'll mail them to you.
Nancy R.

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

Hi Nancy - sorry I didn't see this until just now (just got the notification). Let me know if you still need help getting the handouts back to their owners. - Cassandra

Eileen Bailey said...

Is there a list of the long arm quilters for our guild that I can look at?
Eileen Bailey
I have a quilt that needs to be quilted.

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

Hi Eileen - I'm not aware we have a list, but we can certainly work on making one, so great idea! But I think Carol H. and Ken G. - hopefully they won't mind me posting their names here. :) - Cassandra G.

Carol Ruml said...

I'm looking at the Snack Schedule. There doesn't seem to be a schedule for December birthdays.