Reminder Virtual Guild Meeting Tuesday

Zoom meeting tomorrow will be posted Tuesday on the Facebook page, which is the same meeting that we've been using. 

Please email or text me any Show and Share pictures! So far I have pictures from Angie N., Barbara K., Barbara M., Linda K., Nancy R., and Tracy L. I've you sent me pictures for this month and I didn't list your name, you are welcome to poke me with a stick!

Cassandra G.


Last BOM Blocks for 2020 + Info on 2021 BOM!

Hi gang! Thank you for your patience as I'm little late getting the last blocks of the Raincross Quilt Guild 2020 Block of the month, Be My Neighbor, published. You have three blocks left, plus I've included a link to the finishing instructions. We can't wait to see everyone's quilt at the March meeting!

December Block 14 and Block 15

January Block 16

Finishing Instructions

If you've already finished yours, please feel free to send photos of it to Cassandra in preparation for the big reveal in March!

My 2021 BOM project stash

This year's Raincross Quilt Guild Block of the Month will be a Christmas Mystery Quilt! The finished quilt is comprised of 11 "blocks" (muwhahaha! more to be revealed) and will have a finished size of 48" x 54" - but feel free to add borders to make it a bit bigger! I unfortunately can't give you yardage requirements. You are welcome to use all the same background fabric, but some blocks definitely lend themselves to not having a white/light background, so my best recommendation is to go scrappy and use up bits in your stash. We'll have a variety of techniques and lots of options, so I already can't wait to see everyone's quilt!

The first Block will be published in March, so get ready!
- Cassandra G.


Reminder Virtual Guild Meeting Tuesday

 I'll post the Zoom meeting tomorrow afternoon on the Facebook page. Pleas email or text me any Show and Share pictures!

- Cassandra G.


More information on Raincross 2020 Curbside Christmas Party

Sleigh Bell Quilt by Edyta Sitar

Thank you for your patience while the Board figured out the logistics and plan for this yuletide shindig.

Most members of the Board plus a few volunteers have divided up all the greater Inland Empire located members and will be delivering your Raincross Curbside Christmas goodie box this Saturday, December 12th. Your elf will be contacting you Thursday or Friday to confirm if and when you'll be home, as well as your street address. If you are not available on Saturday, no problem, please let your elf know when is a good time and we'll reschedule delivery.

When they arrive, they will deposit your goodie box by your door, ring your door bell, and then stand 6-10' away. Please refrain from physically hugging your elf! We must keep our distances so that everyone stays safe. Other than that, feel free to chat with your elf and enjoy your goodie box!

Other items you can exchange during your meeting with your elf:

A. Raincross Guild Quilt 2021 Membership Dues
We will be receiving membership dues for our 2021 membership, February 2021-January 2022. If you would like to give your elf your dues, please do the following:

  1. Print and fill out the 2021 Membership form. If you do not have a printer, there is a copy of the Membership form in the goodie box, so you can fill it out while your elf waits.
  2. Place your dues of $25 as either check made out to Raincross Quilt Guild (preferred) or cash and your filled out Membership form in a sealed envelope. Your elf will not be carrying change, so if you choose cash, you must have exact change.
  3. Please write your name and either "check" or "cash" corresponding with your payment method on the outside of the envelope.
  4. Hand the envelope over to the elf and say thank you!
If you're not ready to pay your 2021 membership dues now, no problem! When you are ready, please fill out the Membership form in the goodie box and mail it plus a check for $25 to Dawn M.

If you have any further questions regarding membership, please contact Dawn M.

B. Charity Pick Up/Drop Off
If you have charity donations for Happy Bags (either bags or goodies to go in Happy Bags for next year), Quilts of Valor, Hospice Quilts, Neonatal quilts, etc., please let your elf know when she calls to confirms your delivery. If you are interested in receiving a charity quilt kit to piece, quilt, or bind or you need batting for a charity quilt you're working on, please let your elf know when she calls to confirm delivery so that we can arrange for her to put a kit in her sleigh.

If you have chopped salad for doggie beds, please refer to the doggie beds sizes printed in the directory so that you can make and stuff your own doggie bed. Elves will not be accepting chopped salad.

Edit: Julie M. is planning on dropping off finished doggie and kitty beds soon, so if you have any finished beds, please give them to your elf!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or ask your elf when she calls!

P.S. Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus, and yes, we really will have our virtual guild meeting next Tuesday at 6pm, same Zoom information as before. Cassandra will make another post about it in a few days, along with the Block of Month.

- Raincross Quilt Guild Board via Cassandra G.


Drive-through 2020 Christmas Party changed to Home Delivery!

June Tailor's Quilt As You Go Tree Skirt Tutorial

To help keep everyone safe and "ho-ho-ho"ing and in respect of the recent Regional Stay Home Order to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, the Board has decided to forego the planned drive through Christmas Party scheduled for this upcoming Saturday and will instead make home deliveries to all members, like we did in April.

More news and schedule will be coming soon, but we wanted to inform everyone of this change as soon as possible. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you from a safe distance during our home deliveries!

- Raincross Quilt Guild Board via Cassandra G.