Community Service Day! Oct 26th!

We need you!  Our next sew day, Oct 26th is going to be the day we stuff those happy bags everyone's been making all year.  They need to be ready by November 1st.  Hilde will have the goodies to put into them and the happy bags.  If you are making any, please turn them in at the next meeting or bring them to the Community Service Day.  With all your help, the assembly line filling of these bags will go quickly.  If you haven't made any, please consider helping out by coming to fill bags on the 26th. 
Any Happy Bags turned in after the community service day will be for the 2014 bags for Loma Linda.

Please mark your calendars!  Oh, and we always have a salad potluck lunch.  The guild provides the greens and you can bring whatever you like to add. Starts at 9 AM til 4 PM or whenever we finish.  Hope to see you there at the Goeske Center!!


Adopt me!

Said the UFO to the quilter.
No, it's not a stash - it's a pile of UFOs  - really!
I've been languishing in the closet.
It's a dark and lonely place.

I don't know what happened.
She was moving right along,
sewing and quilting and humming
"It's going to be a quilt!" song.

But then there was a birthday
and a visitor came our way.
A family member needed tending,
and a garden held sway.
Then there was that quilt show
when she came home with all new stuff.

So no help for me at this house.
Can you help me out a bit?
I've come and hid on your chair tonight
in hopes you'll take me home.


Landscapes in October

Member's photo of a landscape quilt entered at Long Beach
Our October challenge of a landscape no smaller than 14"  by 20"  is due at the next meeting.  To continue the theme of landscape quilts, we invite you to bring any other landscape you have made in the past for the Show and Share portion of the meeting.  Landscapes for the challenge need to have been started when the challenge was made - July.

We look forward to your sharing your work at Show and Share or in the challenge.

Directions change for October BOM block

Hello, there were some corrections to the directions for making the pumpkin block that  are not in the printed handout for the block that was given out at the meeting.  Please refer to the online version for the correct directions.  If you know a member who is doing this block and has no Internet access, please bring this notice to their attention.  Thank you!


Another Book

Remember this book?  We gave it away last April and Ken was the lucky recipient. Well, Guess what? Now  a friend of mine gave me another copy of it. Instead of having another giveaway, I went ahead and used random.org to pick a second winner from the members who commented in April that they'd like to own a copy.  And the winner is Vangie!  I'll have it at the meeting (Sept 17th) for you, Vangie - congratulations.  We look forward to seeing a quilt from the book at a future Show and Tell.


A Pattern

Here's a charity quilt made with a simplified version of our July challenge:
It measures 32 1/2" square using 8 1/2" unfinished blocks.  You need only make 16 of them.  You might consider this pattern for a layette charity quilt with 24 blocks.  Since the latest measurements I've gotten are 32 x 46 1/2" (I'll triple check this) you will also need to make blocks that are 8 1/2" unfinished.  Sew them in any order you like in a grid of  4 x 6.  When the top is all assembled - cut off 3/4" off the top and bottom of the long sides.  Then cut off 1/4" off the right and left of the two short sides.  This will give you a quilt 32" x 46 1/2" .  Bind and quilt.  Yes, the outer blocks won't be the same size as the middle ones, but is so small a difference, it won't matter.  If this bothers you, make only 20 blocks in a 4 x 5 grid and add 3 1/2" strips to the top and bottom to get the 32 x 46 1/2" measurement.

 FYI:  the pieces for the block are one 6 1/2" by 8 1/2" rectangle with one strip (another color)  2 1/2" by 6 1/2" and one 2 1/2" square (third color).  Join the strip and the square together, then sew this new unit to the 8 1/2" side of one of the large rectangles you cut.