IMPORTANT SERVICE DAY UPDATE! - Please pass on to other members.

We each have to register for this national event as well as the group registration that has been done by Susan (that's the top part of the info below - just send the info for the four lines to Betsy.)

Whether you have arranged for a Sew Day with your local group or if you plan to sit and sew at home, you will want to send your contact information (individual and/or group) to Betsy Podriznik, our Special Events Coordinator.

Betsy will be pulling names all day long and calling the winning participants with gifts that have been provided for the sew day. 
Registration deadline is January 30, 2014.
Make sure to send Betsy: mailto:betsy.podriznik@QOVF.org%3cmailto:betsy.podriznik@QOVF.org>

1.     Name, Address, City, State and Zip

2.     Your phone number (to be contacted during the day)

3.     Who you are sewing with - self, group or shop

4.     Email address
You will be participating with quilters across America, who are being asked that day to sit down and sew for our combat service members and veterans touched by war.

On February 01, 2014, keep your telephone handy, as throughout the day, names will be randomly selected and that person, group or shop will be called and told they have won something “WON”derful.  Winners will be posted on our QOVF Facebook page.

We hope YOU will take pictures and post them too..........           www.facebook.com/quiltsofvalorfoundation

We want Sew Day to be fun for everyone, but productive too, so when your QUILT TOP is finished (yes, I said quilt top), register each top by sending an email to mailto:betsy.podriznik@QOVF.org%3cmailto:betsy.podriznik@QOVF.org>.  Information to include:
1.  Your Name, Address, City, State & Zip
2.  Telephone number
3.  Who are you sewing with today?  Self, Group, Shop?
4.  Name of the Quilt or Quilts

We want to track how many potential quilts were made on February 01, 2014.

We ARE sewing toward awarding 100,000 quilts in 2014 !!!
          Get yours counted, you never know how special it might be.

We’re here to help – let me know how we can help you.............
Thanks so much for all you do for Quilts of Valor – your time, talent & treasurers mean so much.
                                                            Warmest Regards...............     Betsy

Betsy Podriznik,  Special Events Coordinator
Quilts of Valor Foundation
T: 770-841-3572


A National Service Day for Quilts of Valor and Prizes

Come join us on February 1st - a week from tomorrow, for a National Service Day for Quilts of Valor.  The national org has gotten some fabulous prizes from sponsors that we are eligible for by coming on the 1st and sewing to make quilts for these wounded soldiers.  They want to reach the 100,000 mark of quilts donated.  Here's what Susan C has to report:
     "I have registered our groups for prizes and gifts that have been donated to QOV.  Names will be drawn throughout the day and calls to the winning participants will be made by the Executive Director, Susan Gordon.  The grand prize is a Janome Artistic AQ18dx Midarm Quilting Machine.  As each top is completed, we have been asked to email a picture of the quilt and the quilter.  QOV will be posting the photos on Facebook all day at https://www.facebook.com/quiltsofvalorfoundation ."

Remember to have your name drawn, you have to attend the sew day.  Bring a brown bag lunch, your sewing machine and all the things you would need to sew that day.  Ironing stations will be provided. If you have any patriotic fabric, bring it along too; the RCQG board has bought some.  The minimum size for a quilt is 55" by 65" [a bit bigger than the VA quilts we make] .  We are aiming to make ours 60 x 80".

The Service Day is at the Elks lodge on Brockton, near the DMV.  We are asked not to eat in the sewing room.  We will eat out in the hall or outside if the day is good.   It is advised you bring a sweater.  Sewing hours are 9 AM to 3 PM.

See you there!


From Elly - our Challenge Queen

found at: http://www.smokymtnquilters.com/p7ssm_img_1/fullsize/heart_quilt_fs.jpg
A reminder:
     Any type of heart quilt is eligible for the heart challenge as long as the heart is the focus of the quilt. It needs to be (at least [?]) 30" x 30" to be considered for the free quilting by Ken Gibson.  Only the Heart challenge quilt will be eligible for quilting.

Due date is our next meeting, January 21st.  Hope to see yours then!    


Going to Road?

Get in for free as a 

Volunteer at Road to California 2014

January 23 - 26, 2014

Click here to learn more.  Register online.


Heart Quilt Challenge

In case you haven't started, you still have almost 3 weeks to make a quilt top for the Heart Quilt Challenge.  Go here to see 50 possible projects with hearts as the main theme.  Look foward to seeing your quilt top!