Save the Date!

November 27th (there's another possible date, see below) - we're going to Oceanside and  the Oceanside Museum of Art to see a Quilt National exhibit  There will be a total of three quilt exhibits there for us to see: Quilt National (only venue on West Coast [ http://www.dairybarn.org/quilt/ ]),  the Prayer Flag Project , and An Interpretative Exhibit of one QN quilt by local quilt artists.

Prayer flag project hanging at entrance to the museum.

Visit the Museum shop!

Why a Tuesday?  The admission to the museum is free on Tuesdays.  We'll be taking the Metro Link there - a 2 hour ride where we'll probably have a car to ourselves to talk and enjoy the ride. The train goes along the beach after San Juan Capistrano and travels through Camp Pendelton - we saw two aircraft carriers!  Bring a box lunch and you'll have more time to explore Oceanside once you've been to the museum, or eat lunch there after our docent lead tour at 1:30 pm.  Lots of places to grab a snack
delicious French pastries at Petite Madeline Bakery
 as you stroll this beach town - we've got a map for you. 

Train leaves at 10:40 (but I suggest you be at the station at least a half hour before that to find a parking space, get your tickets and board) from the Downtown Metro Link station, or 10:50 from the La Sierra Metro Link station. For the North Main Corona and West Corona stations see the schedule here for info.  It's the #851 Inland Empire Line to Oceanside.  You won't have to change trains.  The fact that it starts in Riverside in the morning means we'll pretty much have the train to ourselves (3 people got on the train on Tuesday during our scout trip).  And Oceanside is the start of the return trip and again few get on - but it fills up as we pick up commuters returning home from work, but we'll be comfortably in our seats by then.  The one thing is there is only one train home so be prepared to be back to the Oceanside station at least 20 minutes before that train leaves - 4:27 pm.  You'll have plenty of time as most of the downtown sights are within 6 blocks of the Metro Link Station.

What else can you see?  The California Surf Museum, the longest wooden pier on the West Coast, lots of historical buildings blended into modern Oceanside, the ocean breezes, yummy smoothies,
One of several murals around town.

St Mary, Star of the Sea is diagonally across from the museum. You can use its steeple to locate the museum.
Mary's Diner (we had lunch there - good!) and what you'd ordinarily find in a town near a military base (Camp Pendelton).  Alas, no quilt shop!

What does it cost?  For seniors (65+) the round trip ticket costs $15. For those not seniors, the cost of the round trip is $30. Your only other expense would be lunch and snack if you don't bring your noontime meal as the museum is free on Tuesdays. 

Now if there are those who would like to go on a Saturday (December 1st is the date) - the cost is $10 for the round trip.  Metro Link has a weekend pass that lets anyone travel anywhere on their lines from Friday - 7 PM to 11:59 PM Sunday for $10.  I'm not sure how full the trains are on weekends - I'll try to find out.  There are two trains on each day. They leave Riverside(Downtown station) at 9: 15 and 10:40, and leave Oceanside at 2:50 and 4:30.  You would have to pay admission to the museum - $8 for general; $5 for seniors.  I would rather we all went together, but can see how work, weekday obligations, and cost would be of consideration for some.  Please let me know which day you would like to go, so that I can arrange a docent tour to accomodate us.  Please email me your response or leave a comment with your first name and last initial and date you'd like to travel.

Look forward to hearing from you!
Angie N
PS:  could I ask that those of you who communicate with a member who doesn't use a computer to print them a copy of this post, so they'll have the info too. 
PPS:  anyone is welcome on this trip - spouse, neighbors, friends.


Star of the Night

Ladies, on behalf of the board I want to thank you for all the goodies you are bringing to the Guild meeting. The last two months have been outstanding.  And thank you, Sandy, for all the work you do as hostess.  I especially want to thank you for the decorations - I'm calling her Star of the Night - she was really a classy visitor.  Here she is - Isn't she something!

Sandy made her at a class at Quilter's Cocoon.


Sew Day Fun

Our last sew day in Corona produced 30 happy bags.  Well done, Ladies!  It was a very nice facility, too.  Thank you Susan for arranging it.
Susan doing her magic binding trick.

one of the sewing stations

Another setup for churning out happy bags

a soon to be happy bag fabric pile

Three of the 30 bags made that day Wonderful job, Ladies!
Next sew day (Oct 27th) will again be to make Happy Bags.  Call Andie B for details.