From our Challenge Queen, Christine!

The second challenge for this year has begun, and it is a two color quilt.  Start now and bring your finished quilt top to the October meeting.
A two color quilt can have just two fabrics, but it does not need to.  You may use many different fabrics, but you are limited to just two colors, i.e. reds and white, blues & greens, purples and yellows.  Use your imagination.  I know it is often difficult to find prints with just the two colors.  Many will have a little bit of a third color, and I'm fine with that.  It's your quilt and you have to love it.  As long as the quilt as a whole reads as two colors, we're flexible. 
Please make the quilt a minimum of 36" X 36" and as large as you like. The pattern is your choice.  Have fun!
Click on the photo to see where it's from.

From a past member:

Hello,  friends and family.  I just wanted you to know I think of you often and wanted to share with you all just a bit of what I have been doing this last year. So if you have the time and are interested, go to
http://quiltersplayhouse.blogspot.com/ and see what this gal has been up to.  Take care my friends..
I would love to hear from you.
 Judith :~)


Bom for August

is brought to us by BOM Queen, Debi Gneckow.  
You can find  this Really Spilt Nine Patch
 at Marcia Hohn’s website The Quilter’s
Cache.  Here is the link for the block:
Note:  Make your squares 5" in first cut and true up to  assure you of the right size of HST to make the unfinished 12 1/2" block.  Just a suggestion.  AN

Terms and condition of use do not allow us to print the instructions.  You need to make a copy at the website. Thank you.

Debi showed us the a finished quilt with this block pattern.  Turned out fabulous!


We still have room!

LONG BEACH QUILT SHOW Our guild will be attending on Friday, July 29, 2011 via charter bus. Please see me at the guild meeting, or contact me about purchasing your bus trip ticket. I have already sent in the order for the show tickets, but you can still join us on the bus for fun, prizes, the best ever company (since we are all quilters) and curb side service. The bus trip is $32, and you will be able to purchase your show ticket in Long Beach ($10 general admission, or $8 Senior). Please contact me with any questions. We currently have 15 seats available.

Susan the Treasurer


Quilting in Israel

It's interesting and fun to see what quilters in other countries are doing.  Go here http://youtu.be/gWghctfSqig  for quilting in Israel.


Pincushion Exchange

Our members are so creative! You can't see the pincushions that well, but you sure can see how much fun we had that night.

Double click on the photo and you'll go to where you can view this full screen. Enjoy!

A Reminder

You could win a prize for the most BOM blocks this month. Here's another sample of what you can do with these.

Here's where I found it: angiequilts.blogspot.com
Not me, another Angie.