Hoffman Tour Flyer & Beautiful Patriotic 12" block

UPDATE 6/30/16 2:45pm: The flyer now has the correct Google Maps link.

Omgosh it's been SOO LOOONG since we chatted! How are you?!

Just kidding...it was yesterday - hiya!

Any who, I completed forgot Evie had sent me a flyer for the upcoming Hoffman Tour she's organizing, so many thanks to her for reminding me to put it on the blog! Contact information and instructions are in the flyer. Have fun you guys!

by Marcia Hohn
And Melissa S. sent along a link to a free pattern by Marcia Hohn of The Quilter's Cache called Glory in Scraps which she thought would be great for anyone who was thinking about making that 10" or 12" patriotic block to bring to next month's guild meeting - or really for any quilt you want to make! It's a gorgeous block. :)

Happy Monday! (and I've only had decaf today - whoa)

- Cassandra G.


Website Updates - good stuff FOR YOU!

Hi all,

I put in some serious keyboard hours today and updated nearly all the pages on our humble little website. To summarize:


We will now be using Google Calendar to show all events, both recurring like our monthly meeting and unique events like quilt shows, special sew days, tours, and RQG workshops. You can change the view of the calendar by clicking on the tabs on the right hand side as well as print the current calendar view. Hopefully now we'll have an easier medium to communicate events! Email the guild (which Cassandra as the web mistress monitors) to have an event added.

Guild Links

This page has been cleaned up, although not really added to. If you think there are some webpages that might be handy to share, please email the guild.

Community Service

This page has also been cleaned up. If you see inaccurate or missing information, please email the guild.


This page has been roughly organized by year recipe was added. If you have a recipe that you'd like to share or you know is a crowd pleaser... guess what...please email the guild. :D

For Sale

A new item has been added to this page, so check it out! And if you have something you'd like to sell or give a fellow Guild member who can use it, you guessed it, please email the guild.


Finally, several photo albums have been added or updated since my last update, so check the out:
201605 Spring Retreat
201605 Shelley Swanland Embellishment Workshop
201606 Quilts of Valor Presentation

And now I'm pooped...whew!
- Cassandra G.

June 2016 Meeting Review

Oh my! What a fun, jam packed meeting we had this past week at the good ol' Janet Goeske Center! If you missed it, we're sorry to have not seen it, but TEEHEE! you missed a whizdinger of a meeting!

While unfortunately the Temecula quilt shop Needle in a Fabric Stash was not able to join us, we were blessed to be joined by the vivacious and beautiful Ms. Faten M.-S., the owner of Easy Quilting Corner quilt shop, and her lovely family - and her shop! Faten gave us a great little trunk show from her very first quilts to the equally amazing quilts she's making today (held by her handsome children). I'll admit it was difficult to pay attention though because there was SHOPPING TO BE HAD!! Check out the loot I snagged - and such great prices. :)

The shop is 1405 Spruce St Suite D, Riverside, CA 92507, and is open Monday through Saturday 8:30am - 3:30pm. Be sure to stop by and say hi to Faten for me!

As you may know (but really, you SHOULD know, especially those who are gastronomically inclined), the June meeting is one of our two yearly potlucks for snacks - and what a bonanza we had! The truly amazing feat (which I'm still kicking myself for not getting a picture of - if you see something cool at a meeting, tell me 'Hey Cassandra, you should get a picture of this for the blog!') was the like 6 or 7 trays of deviled eggs! So much tasty!!

We had consensus that Lisa S.'s "crispy, peanut butter and chocolate thing" (it's actually called Scotch-a-roo's) and Janice B.'s Taco Salad were so to die for, recipes were demanded (really...we just asked nicely, I promise) and we have them! Click the links above. Also, the super tasty and vampire unfriendly Garlic Fries at the end of the table came from Enzo's Pizza, in case you have more vampires you need to ward off.

On Monday July 11th, Raincross Quilt Guild members are invited to take a tour of Hoffman Fabrics, including the offices and factory. The tour is scheduled to start 9:30am. For those who'd like to carpool, please contact Evelyn so she know to look for you and meet in the Sears parking lot at 7:45am; otherwise you can meet us at Hoffman. And there will be opportunities to hit a few fabric and quilt stores in Orange County afterwards, prepare your credit cards!

The next Sew Day is at the Rancho Callabero Carefree MH Park Club House on Saturday July 16th from 10am (9am is fine too) to 5pm, which is at 15181 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92504. It is recommended to park back by the pool. We'll be making Happy Bags, so if you have an acrylic Happy Bag template, please bring it. Click here for the Happy Bag pattern. Dawn M., our intrepid Happy Bag maven, has deemed that we have currently have 47 happy bags that are destined for girls age 8-12 but ZERO bags for boys - and we REALLY need boy bags! Think on that and have a look in your stash for fabrics that may suit our young gentlemen in need. :) Lunch will be potluck salad, so bring your salad add-ons and sides, etc. (Ed. note: subject to change because I just made that up - will post an update if this changes)
Cathedral Windows by Shelley Swanland

On August 20th, Shelley Swanland will return to hold her unique method for creating Cathedral Windows! Look back to the pictures of her trunk show from our May meeting to see her amazing quilts - the quilt to the right will be what we'll work on during the class.

The workshop will be at the Goeske Center from 9am-3:30pm and is $30 with space for 16 attendees. HOWEVER! If we can get 30 people to sign up for the class, the price will be cut nearly in half to $16, so bring a friend. Contact Andie B. and Dawn M. to sign up.

Finally, the Fall retreat to Roughley Manor is now full, unless any of the current attendees are unable to attend. Contact Barbara M. to see about putting your name on the waiting list.

Everyone was so focused on bringing a tasty treat to the potluck that we only had a few May BOM blocks to share - but Elly says "That's okay! If you finish a block or several blocks, bring them in and show them off!" We all get behind (Ed. note: *cough*), but by the grace of God, we can all catch up and share our beautiful stars. :)

This month's BOM looks awesome and Elly has promised us it sews up like a dream. While we learned it's technically called "Dolly Madison", Elly called it "Dolly Parton" a few times and frankly, I'm behind the name change. :D That woman has star power!!

Elly also reminded us that our TWO FABRIC challenge quilts are due at the next guild meeting in July. Are you ready? The rules again: make a quilt (or tote, jacket, whatever) any size, with just 2 fabrics, just TWO! Note: The binding and backing can be different fabrics from the two used in the quilt.

Andie B. announced that we'll be pushing to make wheelchair lap quilts (36" x 48" maximum size) for the VA Hospital and invited members to make 10" or 12" Americana blocks and bring them to the July meeting.

Karen D. announced that The 52 Project, a collective of 147 people who committed to becoming more creative on a regular basis, are pleased to announce shows of their works. There will be various exhibits and receptions between July 7th and August 7th. Click here to learn more.

Judy M. waxed poetic about her recent trip to Hamilton, Missouri, home of the Missouri Star quilt block and JC Penney's. Hamilton is also home to the Missouri Star Quilt Co., which boasts a total of 14 quilt shops in town - it's a quilters destination. Click here for the brochure Judy brought back with her.

Jeri R. informed us she has recently become a member of the Janet Goeske Center, open to those 55 years young (or younger? :D). Membership is $20 a year and helps the Center do what it does - including giving Raincross Quilt Guild a FREE place to hold our meetings. If it fits in your budget, please consider joining! Members receive a ton of local discounts - check them out here.

Speaking of our fearless leader, Jeri R. will be FINALLY be heading into surgery this coming Wednesday to replace that rascally hip. She asks for your prayers to guide the surgeons hands, watch over the operation, and bless her with a speedy recovery. Amen, sister! We want to see you shimmying down the aisles ASAP!

On May 21st, Shelley Swanland held her Embellishment workshop to a small, but rapidly enthusiastic group at the Goeske Center. Check out the pictures here.

On June 11th, Raincross Quilt Guild hosted a Quilts of Valor presentation at the RCC Alumni House to a packed audience! Over 35 quilts were presented to veterans, their spouses and/or family members ranging from those who served during WWII and through the Iraq war. Several attendees have sent in photos from the day, so I recommend you check out the pictures (which has been updated with new pictures just this week).

Whew! I told you it was jammed packed...:) Almost done...

Door Prize Winners
2 yds Kauffman fabric - Katherine R.
8" designer Fiskars & a fat - Debbie G.
Snap on necklace charms & a fat - Shelly M.
Scrap master rule - the only and only Alice!
2 yds Fossil Fern - Michelle S.
Independence Day flag sculpture - Sue C.

Mystery Box Winner
Angie N.

And Faten lovingly donated FIVE YARDS of gorgeous batik to one lucky shopper - that winner was Aileen B. Well done!
- Cassandra G.


Reminder: Guild meeting tomorrow!

Happy Summer Solstice! Everyone try to keep cool and remember to drink lots of water AND keep your pets indoors! If you have an elderly neighbor, be sure to check on them as well so everyone stays safe and cool.

Aurora Sunshine by Marlis Bennett for Bernina (free pattern)

I will put up a formal review post about the Quilt of Valor presentation, but now, here's your reminder that our monthly guild meeting is tomorrow!

And remember it's one of our two Potluck meetings of the year, so EVERYONE is invited to bring a treat to share. :)

So here's your reminder list of things to bring:
  • Your homemade name badge
  • Your Raincross Quilt Guild pin, which is now worth an EXTRA ticket in the door prize drawing! If  you don't have one, you can purchase one for $5 at the door.
  • Block of month
  • Everyone invited to bring snack to share
  • Cool thoughts for this crazy heat wave
See you all tomorrow!

- Cassandra G.


Quilt of Valor presentation this Saturday at 3:00pm

Thank you Susan C. for letting me know I accidentally posted the wrong time for this Saturday's Quilt of Valor presentation at the RCC Alumni House.

It starts at 3pm, folks, so you've got time to grab a coffee and relax a bit beforehand!

- Cassandra G.


New Tab

The For Sale tab is back.  If you have an item you wish to sell, please email us information (including your name, description, picture if you have one, and contact information) for addition to the page. Please give expiration date if any and report sales so we can keep the page current. Thank you!

PS: Presently one item listed.


Quilt Exhibit now at San Diego Museum of Art through September 4th

Florence forwarded me information about an exhibit from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston that is currently in residence at The San Diego Museum of Art, now through September 4th.

"Quilts and Color from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston celebrates the vibrant color palette and inventive designs found in the outstanding array of early American quilts amassed over decades by the collectors Paul Pilgrim and Gerald Roy. Quilts and Color explores the work of craftsmen who, since the 19th century, have combined classic American quilting patterns with an innate and sophisticated grasp of color theory. The works in the exhibition are grouped according to visual effects, including chromatic vibrations, mixtures, gradations, harmonies, and optical illusions. In all, Quilts and Color presents nearly fifty-works of eye-popping designs that echo the works of mid-20th century Abstract Expressionism and so-called “Op arts.” The luminous blending of colors, arresting motifs, and graphic intensity of these works will be a revelation for fans of American craft and Modern Art alike."

Looks awesome - road trip! Thanks for the tip, Florence! :)
- Cassandra G.


May 2016 Meeting Review

Forgive me again for being late - it's been an interesting spring. Anyway, enough about me, on with the show!

On a fine May evening, we were joined by the warm and ridiculously talented (and local!) Shelley Swanland, who charmed us with her quotes and her amazing and unique cathedral windows quilts!

If you risk nothing, 
you risk everything.
- Geena Davis

Shelley shared with us her story as seen through her numerous and beautiful quilts, including the method she created for making cathedral windows that makes it much less scary. She will be joining us for a cathedral windows workshop on August 20th where she'll teach us her magic. Can't wait, Shelley!

Along with the cathedral windows quilts, Shelley is also a master embellisher and shared many of her "twuilts", a word she devised by combining "tweet" (a communication from Twitter) and a quilt. Each tweet can be 144 characters, so Shelley's twuilts are 144 square inches (or 12" x 12" finished).

The Saturday after the May meeting, Shelley lead an embellishment workshop, which was fun and highly educating, even for the seasoned embellishers who attended.

The ladies who attended the 2016 Raincross Spring Retreat, My Quilted Journey, at ViƱa de Lestonnac Retreat Center in Temecula showed off their make and take projects and effused about the fantastic time had by all. Check out the photos here.

Reservations with a $50 deposit were opened for the 2016 Raincross Fall Retreat, again at Roughley Manor, October 27-30th. Total cost will be approximately $315 for a 3 night stay, $225 for a 2 night stay. There are only 24 spots available so contact Andie B. ASAP to inquire if there are any spots left.

Susan C. reminded us that the Quilts of Valor presentation is coming on June 11th. Click here for more information and click here to help us identity who created these quilts.

There is also another Hoffman tour, including the offices and factory, scheduled for July 11th at 9:30am. For those who'd like to carpool, please meet in the Sears parking lot at 7:45am, otherwise you can meet us at Hoffman. And there will be opportunities to hit a few fabric and quilt stores in Orange County afterwards. Woohoo!

Elly H. showed us our June BOM, call the Rolling Wheel. Click here for the pattern.

We also saw some lovely quilts during Show N Share; as soon as I can pry them out of Mrs. Mary T., I'll be sure to get them on the blog!

The elusive Mystery Box made a reappearance! Congratulations to Dorothy M. who got to give it a new home.

We also started a new "thing" - wear your Raincross Quilt Guild pin and receive an additional door prize ticket! If you don't have a pin yet, you can buy them at the door for $5.

Door Prize Winners:
2 yards Ginny Beyer fabric - Catherine S.
Moda charm pack - Sharon G.
2 yards black Kona - Linda H.
Moda jelly roll - Barbara O.

And finally, a preview for the June meeting...

It's Potluck Time! Everyone is invited to be bring a snack to share. We also will be joined by the Temecula quilt shop, Needle in a Fabric Stash, which specializes in modern fabrics and quilting styles, so be sure to save your pennies and be ready to shop!

- Cassandra G.


Did you make this QoV quilt?

Sorry I've been quiet lately - just got back from vacation back home again in Indiana where I attended the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500!

Anyway, we're getting close to the Quilts of Valor presentation on June 11th and Susan C. needs to know who made the following quilts so that she can add your name to the label:

Quilt #1

Quilt #2

Quilt #3

Quilt #4

Quilt #5

Please respond to the comments here, email Susan C., or feel free to email me here and I'll forward it to Susan C. Thanks!

And I PROMISE to get the last meeting review up tonight...and pictures...and bunnies...

Oh! One more thing - if you want to get out of the house this weekend, the Beach Cities Quilt Guild is having their biennial quilt show, FantaSea of Quilts this Saturday and Sunday in Aliso Viejo

- Cassandra G.