Yes, It Has Dates

The Barbara Brackman book - Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns does have some dates of when a block was first published (meaning no earlier reference) and gives years.  Here's one (Rolling Square) from 1958:
This is a Generations Quilt photo.  Go here to see their tutorial.  They do it with paper piecing, but those corner blocks can be done with regular piecing. Visit Bonnie and learn how here.  See the tutorial for size of the blue fabric.  The block was also known as Home Comfort, Mrs. Anderson's quilt, Garden of Eden.

Another block from the same source - Wagon Wheels Carry Me Home - a KC Star block printed 6/4/52. Go here to get see the pages from the book.  Also called Old Fashioned Wagon Wheel.


Help in Finding your Decade’s Block:

More like what is not a new block, but very interesting:
Nancy Cabot's 30s blocks can be seen here

For the 60s-70s
and here is a book:

Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman. If you have it please let us know if it gives dates when originated or when popular. You can leave a comment.
An 80s favorite - pillow panels 

From Susan N at Quilt Block of the Month:



Embroidered-States-Quilt.htm  Now I remember seeing a lot of women working on both birds and flowers of the states when I was little.

The book, Victory Quilts by Eleanor Burns would probably provide some good ideas.  It's sampler quilts from the 1940s.  I imagine early in the decade there were a lot of the same designs as the thirties, judging by the fabric reproductions we've had the last ten years.  


QOV News

RQG members Susan C (treasurer) and daughter Samantha N (Pet Donations coordinator) delivered a Quilt of Valor to William K. of Corona del Mar.  Bill is a Korean and Vietnam War veteran.  After the presentation, with the Pacific Ocean in the background, they were treated to fresh baked blueberry pastries (berries flown in for the occasion from South Dakota by Williams daughter).  Another daughter, who arranged the event, is an author and a freelance writer who writes largely about textiles for the Moda blog.  She has also written about Quilts of Valor.  Linzee Kull McCray is author of “Art Quilts of the Midwest”, and the blog “Pear the Squirrel”.  She can be found on Instagram and Twitter @seamswrite.  Susan serves the National Quilt of Valor Foundation by delivering Quilts of Valor to veterans in a 100 mile radius.

A challenge has been issued!

Hope you choose to accept!

This next challenge is supposed to be challenging.  There are three challenges you can choose from to complete.

1. Choose a block from the decade in which you were born.  Complete four of them.  They can be in a wall hanging, table runner, four placements, etc.

2. What is your favorite block?  Complete four of them.

3. What is your favorite art work?  Recreate this with fabric.  The artwork doesn't have to be hanging in your house.

Complete one, two, or all three of these challenges.

Bring the completed challenges to the November meeting.

Have fun searching and creating for these challenges.


September BOM

Hi All,

September BOM has been posted in the 2015 BOM tab.  Have fun.

Elly & Carol