Free Motion Quilting Patterns

Samantha N. will be showing us free motion quilting during the demos portion at the quilt guild meeting this week and she wanted to share some free motion quilting patterns to help inspire us all.

As she has quite a few, we're making them available here for you to download and print yourself - enjoy!

- Cassandra G.

Reminder: Guild meeting Tomorrow!

I am, as I'm sure we all are, shocked by acts of hate and loss of life this past weekend. I'm drawn to words I think we can all agree upon...love your neighbor as yourself and love one another.

Love One Another pattern by Timeless Traditions
Find a neighbor, someone to love on today - give them a hug and tell them what they mean to you and that you're happy to see them. Let's break this epidemic of hate.

Here's your reminder list of things to bring:
  • Hugs for someone you haven't hugged in a while
  • Your homemade name badge
  • Your Raincross Quilt Guild pin, which is worth an EXTRA ticket in the door prize drawing! If you don't have one, you can purchase one for $5 at the door.
  • If you are participating in the 2017 BOM, the sixth two blocks.
  • If you were born on April, June, August, or December, you are invited to bring a snack to share (but it's not required!).
  • Bottled water or other non-alcoholic drink
See you all tomorrow!

P.S. Staples has a sale going on 24 count Crayola crayons for $0.50 a box, so if you can, swing by your local Staples and pick up a few boxes for Happy Bags.
- Cassandra G.


Coming up this month August 2017 at Raincross

Here's your monthly round up of upcoming events this month at Raincross Quilt Guild, specifically what to expect at our next guild meeting and any unique events beyond the usual scheduled events*. And don't worry - I'll still post a reminder blog a few days before the meeting with your list of things to bring. :)

*Usual scheduled events include Sew Night, Friendship Quilters, Featherweight Club, and the RQG Board meeting. If you are interested in those events, please check out the guild Calendar and/or post in the comments below and we'll help you learn more about them.

Coming up at this month's Raincross Quilt Guild meeting...
It's Demo night! We'll see demos on using a scallop rules, how to work with minke (and not have a minkexplosion!), and lots of different sewing feet demos. Can't wait!

Other unique RQG activities coming up this month...
Your vacation! Go have fun out there. There are no RQG organized sew days or workshops.
- Cassandra G.


July 2017 Meeting Review

We had an action packed guild meeting last Tuesday (ed. note: pretend it was last Tuesday and not three Tuesdays ago), which included ever vivacious Elly H. stepping in for our wayward guild president Jeri R. (hopefully she was on assignment looking for new and awesome quilt shops).

The first item of note is that the Goeske Center is implementing a new system for signing in. Instead of merely entering your zip code on a sign in sheet, each regular visitor is being issued a scan card (kind of a grocery store rewards card, except your reward is hanging out with all us!). Then during each visit to the Goeske, we are to scan our card and then on the computer screen, scroll through and then tap on the activity we are attending (hint: Raincross Quilt Guild activity is on the last page). For now, the computer sign in at the front desk, but they have promised that they will install a sign in computer in the Hall where our meeting is. As a reminder, our sign ins help the Goeske acquire funding, so it’s important that we sign in every time. Also, if you are eligible, we encourage you to join the Goeske to help support it. If you have questions about the sign in procedure, please talk to our sign in ladies.

Visitor Cathy M. asked if anyone has a good used sewing machine for sale. She is involved with the Braille group that meets a the Goeske from September through July. They make Dammit Dolls and need another sewing machine. If you can help, email me and I’ll email you back her phone number. Cathy was just passing through our meeting as she had missed her bus but it turns out she’s a quilter! We hope Cathy joins us again and show us her quilts!

In addition to Cathy, we had 6 other visitors - thank you for joining us and we hope to see you again soon!

It may be July, but Christmas is coming and that means Happy Bags! Happy Bag Maven Dawn M. told us that she’s still looking for those free flashlights from Harbor Freight and she asked us to keep our eyes open for upcoming back to school sales on Crayons (24 count boxes), colored pencils, and adult coloring books (for the older kids). Keep your eyes peeled for those back to school sales! Dawn also showed us a super cute bean bag that can be made from the scraps of the happy bags, so please feel free to sew those up and include those in your bags!

As noted previously, we finally have a class date and place for Elizabeth Eastmund's class, Home is Where the Heart Is, for Saturday October 14th from 9am-2pm at Rancho Cabelleros. Andie B. is taking signups and there are still spots available, so give her a call. The class is $35 and includes the pattern.

Andie is also taking class sign ups for Heidi's quilting workshop, scheduled for Saturday September 19th at the Goeske, after her trunk show on the preceding Tuesday at our normal monthly guild meeting.

Our lovely substitute guild leader donned her BOM bonnet and showed us our next BOM pattern - flying geese. Elly noted that we can put together our blocks however we'd like - let the fabric speak to you. (Ed. note: what speaks to me is this face!)

Door Prize Winners:

  • rotary cutter & fats - Sharon G. 
  • fats bundle & emery boards - Jan M.
  • homemade gift book & emery boards - Susan H.
  • 1.5 yds of Batiks - Mary M.
  • 1.5 yds of green & buttons - Dawn M.

Mystery Box:
Christine reported that we had 90 Rape Crisis Center bags turned in for tickets - 80 by one group!! - way to go! For the October Mystery Box, Christine is looking to collect fats and/or 1/2 yd cuts, so if you have any you'd like to share bring them to the September meeting for Christine.

winner - Cassandra G. (Ed. note: YAYAYAYAYAYYAY!)
- Cassandra G.