Near Done quilts Soon on Way to New Homes

Judy Bello is making this for a grandson, I believe, who is at Humboldt. Is that right, Judy? A football player, he is going to love this quilt on his dorm room bed. Way to go, Judy!
Jan Mills has been working on this beauty for 30 years! Almost there and will be given as a gift this Christmas. We're proud of your perserverance, Jan, and in awe of your handquilting.


How to Quilt a (BIG) Thanksgiving Turkey!

Birthday Present sent

My son's fiance had a birthday in October and here's the wall hanging I sent her. The blocks were salvaged from a bag of material bought at a yard sale. The quilt was in tatters, so I took the blocks apart and reset them into a smaller piece. Glad I did. This was a quilt as I go project.

And below is what the back looks like:

Quilty hugs from


A snuggly neonatal top

Believe some kits still available - email Renee. This was one of the kits made after the Sew Day on Oct 30th.


On its way to Italy

is the largest quilt I've bound - a group effort for a friend of Ems. Click on the photo to see all the quilt.


For those of you who like Hand Redwork

here is a lovely site that has free blocks: http://bucknchooky.blogspot.com/ She has more there but here's a sample:


Great show and share on the net

Saw this great slideshow of quilts by Frieda Anderson. Thought you'd like to see it.
Go to http://tinyurl.com/23j8q8k. A smilebox video created by The Quilt Show - another great place to visit. Yes, they do have free stuff.


Once at Long Beach

One of the vendors was demonstrating Karin Hellaby's Sew Simple Pineapple. This is a great and easy way to make a non-traditional pineapple. I've placed it on the side bar. Give a watch: Amazing!

PS: If you want to see the video larger, just double click on the video screen and a new window will open with a full size viewing.

PPS: If you saw something great at the Long Beach show or even on another blog, share it with us here. It's easy to post. I can send you the login info and it will be a breeze. Hope to see your goodies!



Preview of July's SS

Here are three beauties ladies shared at our last meeting. Look forward to the slideshow!


Baby Quilt

I've made this from a kit provided by a sewing group in Redlands. They make baby quilts for the Crisis Pregnancy Center there. I just had to make the top, but I went ahead and finished it. Measures 34 x 34. And they meet the same night as we do so I'm showing and sharing it here.



We Love Trunk Shows

And here is one of Rose Hughes' beautiful creations that she shared with us at our February meeting.


a couple of other

photos from members. We'd like to see yours here too!
Please leave a comment and let us know who they belong to. Thanks!


This is Christine's beautful quilt that she made for her sister.


I took a fabrick painting class at Road from Pat Blair. The medium used is Tsukineko ink on PFD fabric. The painting at the right is done from a photograph of my little orphaned kitten Simone curled up by my feet at about a month old. I call the picture 'Quilters Assistant in Training'. I am going to do a quilted border and make it into a wall hanging. I am so amazed at how it turned out. I was so inspired I am now working on a second painting. I feel a new obsession coming on, as if I don't have enough already.
Karen Dunivent


From our February Guild Show and Share

We had a great show and share last night (as usual). Here are just two of the ones that brought oohs and ahhs from the members. Hope more of you post as my pics came out too dark in my camera. Look forward to seeing them and learning more about them!

This one is Jeri's Batik Charm exchange. Love the background fabric - makes those square pop!

Second one is Bonnie's. Just lovely!


This blog is a terrific idea. Thank you, Angie!!! There's always at least one fantastic quilt every month that I wish I could remember!! I can't wait to see more. I'll post one soon.

Sharon Gross


Pineapple Star Paper piece

This is my first attempt at paper piecing, and so far it has been my last.
When I finished this quilt I then realized that I had no where to display it. So I sold it to a friend of mine who wanted it.
I was able to learn a new technique, and use colors that I really don't have a use for in my home and be with ladies of like minds and get money back in the end.
Sounds like a win win situation to me. It was all good.
Judith Bigley


Paper piecing Magic

Baby Quilt for Ethan

Hi, I'm off to a baby shower this afternoon and wanted to share the baby quilt I made for Ethan since I won't be able to show it on the 16th. This is a six hour quilt made using one block (Gentleman's Fancy) as the design - I just made the sections 6" with 3 " borders. It comes out to 36" square. This time I used a timer and found that yes, it was under six hours (just barely) to make it. I personalized the middle square with writing. Hope you are staying warm and dry during this much needed rain.

Angie Nudge