In Case You Missed It...

and are doing the 2012 Mystery BOM, Susan revealed a suggestion of how to put your Riverside quilt together for showing in March.  She also has the colorful square and the templates for you if you don't have them.  Give her a ring or email (look in Directory) to get yours if you didn't at the meeting.

Directions for completion are on the blog.  I have finished my last block. How about you?                                                          AN


In the News

The Friendship Quilters were in the news recently.  Go here to read all about it.  Raincross members participate in this group.  The Friendship Quilters meet twice a month on Wednesdays at the Janet Goeske Center to make quilts which they donate.  See our left sidebar for more info under Monthly Matters.



Free Patterns

c. Connecting Threads photo.
Click on Photo to go to some free patterns courtesy of Connecting Threads.

Supply Lists for Jacket Lady Workshop

Are you signed up for the workshop?  If so, here are the supply lists for the various items for which we will receive instructions.  You decide which one to make.  Lisa will be instructing us in the techniques needed for all four.  If you haven't signed up, do email or call Christie Fowler (number and email in directory) to get on the list.  It's only $25.  If you are a new member and do not have a directory, send me an email via the blog and I'll get it to you.  Click on the one you wish to make to go to the supply list for it:




Let's go over one more time for newbies how the Suggested Snack list works. Here's the list:

First thing to remember is the sentence in red above right - this is a suggested rotation. Heard members saying some had four months to bring goodies plus the potlucks.  Not so.  Here is how to interpret the listings:  If your birthday is in February, it is suggested you bring snacks on the three months written in black below the green February Birthdays line.  That would be February, May and September.  It does not mean you bring snacks wherever else February is in black.  Just the ones under February Birthdays.  Then you may choose to bring items to either or both of our June and December potlucks.  There are only two months when Birthday members do not bring food on their birthday month - June and December - they will bring on other months, so that all have the chance to bring snacks five times.  Although there has been confusion, we are providing each other a lot more goodies since we started this plan.  Now why did we do it this way?  Well some month there are few members that have a birthday in that month and very little food was available at meetings.  One of those months is February, and that's why it appears four times in black lettering.  Using this new suggested method on average works out to 28-30 people bringing items toward our light dinner offering at each meeting.   I hope this clarifies any confusion.  Please feel free to email me if you still have questions, and please do share this with any members who don't have computer access.  I, for one, thank you so much for the delightful and delicious goodies you share at the meetings.    Regards, Angie

Supply List for Jan 19 Sew Day

    SEWING MACHINE – bring instruction manual for reference.  Extension bar/table and all accessories
    Don’t forget your foot petal and power cord!
    DARNING FOOT – a MUST for free motion quilting.  An open toe darning foot also works well.
    Straight stitch throat plate (optional).  Bring if you have one.
    25-50 size one (small ones) safety pins.
    Painters Tape
    Sewing machine needles
            80/12 & 70/10 sharp
            or 75/11 quilting
    Cotton thread – off-white or tan – 50 wt.
            Good quality in important and not the “old stuff”
    Ruler for marking straight lines.
    Rubber gloves, fingers, quilter’s gloves, or glycerin
    Basic sewing supplies – scissors, extra bobbins, etc.
    Backing material ( about a yard x wof per quilt)
    Extension cord/multi-plug strip  (if you have one)
    Chair cushion/pillow. 


The Jacket Lady is Coming!

Lisa Coulombe, the Jacket Lady, will be our featured speaker at the February meeting.  She will also be doing a workshop for us - you won't want to miss this one.  Here are another couple of her jackets:

or you could make a tote!

You can learn more about our speaker here .  This promises to be a wonderful lecture and workshop.  More at the January meeting.


We Need a Board Position Filled

The guild is in need of a Community Service co-ordinator.  Renée is stepping down.  Thank you for all you have done for the Guild, Renée.  We all appreciate your enthusiasm for this position over several years, your inspiration to have us donate quilts, your example of what we could do,  and all you did to bring comfort to so many.

Members, please consider stepping up to this job.  While we do so much community service, it doesn't have to be an onorous position.  Bonnie Hale would like to continue to do the happy bags, so you would have one assistant there.  With a little asking, finding three other members to liaise with the pet shelter, the VA hospital, and the Riverside County Regional Medical Center should be easy.  I'm sure there are several for whom these projects are dear to their hearts and would be willing to help out, and make the co-ordinator position easy to handle.  All you'd have to do is co-ordinate!

Okay, members, we need you.  Please let us know that you'd like to be part of this group, or even be the co-ordinator.  Please call Jeri or me, Angie, if you are interested, or let us know at the start of the January meeting.  Thank you!

Last BOM

The directions for out last BOM of the Memories of Riverside (that's what I call it) is now posted.  Go to the tab below the header marked BOMs, etc. 
Bring it to our Jan 15th meeting to win a library book.  See you then!


This N That from Net Land

Easy Street - This will be up until June at Bonnie's blog, so you can still join in - a fun mystery now revealed - make a fourth of it for a fast lap quilt. Button on right sidebar.

Patterns for small pet blankets -bottom half of page.

Great quilt tutorials at Happy Quilting. Here's just one:

And a wonderful motivational post to inspire us to label and give:  http://madanquilting.blogspot.com/2012/08/did-you-make-my-quilt.html