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Recipe! tab.  It is the Pistachio Pudding Dessert .  If you have a recipe that has been requested, not too late to submit.  Remember , if it is from a book, I'll need the book title and page number to list it.  Thanks and happy cooking - we certainly enjoyed these goodies when you brought them.


Another Free E-Book

This one is all about pinwheels.  Click here to go to info page.  Double click on the link there to go to the book.


A Mini Exhibit for You

I had the fun experience of going to the Inland Empire Quilt Guild's quilt show last month. They had some beautiful quilts there.  Some of the one's I gravitated to and were amazed by were those from the featured quilter for the show, Cheryl G, who also belongs to our guild.  Here are just a few she showed:
This was a gorgeous and very large quilt. I'm showing just one block so you can see the detail!
They're all so stunning and beautifully executed.  Cheryl, it's time to bring them back to a Show and Tell so we can be amazed again and study them in detail.


There's Going to be a Workshop

in August!  Plan now to keep the date open (August 21st - that's the Wednesday after the meeting), and sign up for a spot at the June or July meeting.  It's all about Dresden and you won't want to miss Anelie's easy way to do this block.
The cost is $30 per person. Your check will hold your place in the workshop. Must pay in advance to have a guaranteed spot. There are 20 spots. See Christie F at the meeting to sign up.

And who is Anelie?

Our Latest Winner

 of the recent giveaway is Debi Gneckow! Congrats Debi. I'll bring the book, Four Patch Quilting, to the June meeting.

See you then,


Another Free

Online Quilt Magazine available here.  This takes a while to load as it's 34 photo filled pages.  The subscription version has more pages.  I just look at the free one. Enjoy.