QOV Sew Day


I am in charge of Quilts of Valor this year and want to let everyone know that if they are sewing with us on February 7th,  they need to register themselves by February 5 to be eligible for prizes.

The Quilts of Valor site is http://www.qovf.org/index.html.

Go to the  "EVENTS" tab and use the "non-member registration" to register for the Sew Day.  Registration is accepted until Thursday, February 5.

Thanks so much,

Laura Greer


This month's Baby Quilt is Posted

B 3 Quilt #1 has been posted.  You can find it under the Community Service tab. This Baby Big Block quilt measures 30" square and is perfect for a neonatal quilt.  If you need a larger baby quilt just add borders.  The top below was assembled (cut and sewn) in one hour, 20 minutes. Then sandwiched and quilted in another hour and 40 minutes. Give it a try.

A 4 fabric version is below.


January15 By The Way

Coming Soon: B 3 Quilts.    To be presented at the January Meeting.

Bring your dues for 2015. $25.00 for the year. Our year runs February thru January.

Elections are this month.  Our slate is:

  • President--Jeri Read
  • Vice President-- Susan Miller
  • Secretary--Andie Babbe
  • Treasurer--Susan Crowley 
  • Membership--Mary Tayton
  • Show and Share--Samantha Nichols
  • Special Events--Stephanie Solfagharie
  • BOM--Carol and Elly Holmes
  • Community Service--Jennifer Horan
  • Door Prizes--Jeanne Hron & Chris Kerns
  • Blog--Angie Nudge, Elizabeth Eastmond, Ken Gibson
  • Hospitality--Sandy Sheppard
  • Thrifty Corner--Jennifer Horan
  • Mystery Box--Catherine Stenshorn, Sharon Gilbrith, and Debi Warner
Does anyone want to be added to the ballot?  If not, we will vote for the above. If yes, we will vote for those offices individually.

Thank you for voting.  You must be a member to vote.


From Florence:

 Join us for the 

National Quilts of Valor® Sew Day
Saturday February 7, 2015

     WHAT:  National QOV Sew Day
     WHO:  Calling all Raincross Quilt Guild members and their guests.
    No sewing machine? – we will have handwork to do such as labels, pinning...   You don’t sew?  That’s OK, we need happy hands to iron  and cut fabric

     WHEN:  February 7, 2015  - 11AM to 6PM
 WHERECorona Palms Mobile Home Park—13381 Magnolia Ave., Corona – 92879.

 Hope to see you on February 7, 2015 – God Bless America

We will potluck Lunch.

Get directions for possible blocks here .

Magic Pillowcase

For a standard pillowcase you will need three pieces of fabric:

Main Piece:       cut 1 piece 27” x 41”
Border              cut 1 piece 10” x 41”
Accent              cut 1 piece 2½ ” x 41:

            FYI – 1 and 1/8 yards of three different (and complimentary) fabrics will JUST perfectly make three pillowcases.

1.  Lay 10” border piece face up on work surface.

2.  Lay main piece of pillowcase face up on top of the border piece – line up raw edges at top.

3.  Press the 2½ ” accent strip in half lengthwise – right side facing out.  Lay on top of main piece matching raw edges.

4.  Roll the main fabric from the bottom up to keep it out of the way.  Bring the bottom edge of the border piece to the top edge, matching and pinning all the raw edges.

5.  Stitch ½ inch seam along the pinned edge.  You now have a tube of fabric.  Turn the tube inside out             and like magic your pillowcase is almost finished with no raw edges showing.

6.  Finish the side and bottom seams with a “French Seam”.  A French Seam is done by putting the       wrong sides together and sewing a scant ¼“  seam, then putting the right sides together and           sewing a ½” seam enclosing the raw edges.


BOM all Over the Net

We have a great BOM every year at the Guild.  A new one will be starting this February. It will be fun to see what Carol and Elly Holmes have to offer us.  To see other 2015 BOMs offered in other techniques go here to this link and browse the list of categories on the right sidebar.  Here you will find links to BOMs that have been found and listed for the year. Lots of beauties there.  I'll post the button on the left side bar on our blog as a reminder.  Have fun!


Brainstorm the QOV meeting Feb 7th

Hello, I'm writing for Florence P who'd like to have a brainstorming session on the upcoming QOV Sew Day of Feb. 7th.  That's the day we will be meeting at  Sandy Sutherland's Trailer park from 11AM to 6 PM to assemble QOV tops for the National QOV Sew Day.  Last year's was lots of fun and several of our members won prizes!

She is having the brainstorming session January 19th at 9AM at her house.  Please call her and let her know you are coming.  Loosely, the agenda for the day starts with a Salad Bar lunch.  Then the sewing would start, possibly with kits from the fabric turned in at the Jan 20th Guild Meeting (of your donations of yard pieces of red, white, cream, blue or gold for the quilts).

The chairs of this event really want your input.  If you can't attend, do call Florence and brainstorm over the phone with her.  You'll find her contact info in the Guild Directory.


Thank you Members!

Four hundred Happy Bags were distributed.  Thanks so much for making this possible!