Fabric Deal in San Jacinto

Good afternoon, my name is Frances Hays and I work for The Hidden Treasure Emporium, San Jacinto, CA.        
885 W 7th St.
San Jacinto
Phone: 951 487 2595
We buy many products, one of which is full or partial estates.   Recently we purchased from a retired lady her fabric for quilting.  We have many yards of material from 1 yard to about 2 1/2 yards.   We also have many small pieces that run about 45”X 18”, some more some less.  The yardage will be selling for $2.00 per yard, and the smaller pieces will be selling for .25 a piece.6
There are many pieces of blue, and an assortment of other colors.    When all the material is displayed it will take about 3 double clothing racks, sorted by color.
the smaller pieces will be sorted by color and displayed on a table. 
I expect this will be available by Saturday.   Our hours are:
Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm
Thank you for taking time to read this message.
Fran Hays
Carol H - check this out for us and leave a comment to tell us if it is worth going out there. TIA


Another Challenge

I was sick and missed the July meeting - heard it was a fabulous one!  Over 36 challenge quilts were shown - photos later.  Food good as always.  Yummy show n share.
Won by Anita in Florida from the studio of Luann Kessi (photo posted with permission)

Our next challenge is to make a landscape quilt!  Elly says:

Nature is so inspiring.  This is the basis for our next challenge.  Take a scene from nature: trees, leaves, ocean, lake, river, underwater, snowy mountains, etc., and turn it into a landscape quilt.  The minimum size is 20" x 14" before the borders are added (borders are not required).  The quilt can hang either vertical or horizontal.  Quilts completed up to the binding (as in quilt must be quilted) are eligible to be entered into the prize offering.  More than one quilt can be made and entered.  Every quilt submitted has an equal chance of winning.  Below are some examples found from a simple landscape quilt search from Google images.  


Workshop samples!

There's still room for what's sure to be a great workshop!  Here are some samples of what will be made.  You can have a supply list sent to you.  Contact Christie F. to sign-up, pay and get your supply list.

Fabulous table runner!

Not your typical Grandma's Dresden Plate quilt.


Sew Day - This Saturday - July 27th!

Here's one that was made from those Sew Day blocks!
We're putting together the over 120 + blocks made by the Friendship Quilters and at the Sew Day we had a couple of months ago.  Come and help put together these VA quilts.  Backs and batting will be provided.  Potluck lunch as usual.  See you there!


Sign up for the Workshop!

At the July meeting, you can sign up for the Dresden workshop.  See details here!  There's lots of ways you can use the block.  Take a look-see to see a whole lot of quilts with the Dresden plate featured - some are really unique!  Go here.

Here's one made by Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting:

I'll have the supply lists available when you sign up. Christie's on vacation, so see Angie.  Did you get your supply list? No, we can mail it to you.



We made aprons for the June Potluck Steal Game!  And it was so much fun. Here's a few candid shots:

A reminder: To see the photos bigger and as a slideshow, double click on the photo and the window will open up. Enjoy!