A raffle quilt is now at Goeske

Hi, great news:  From Florence Patrick:
Raincross received a king-size quilt made by the girls at the old Sewing Shack.  It is a sampler quilt—and quilted by Jeanette Stamis.  It was donated to Janet Goeske and it is now a raffle quilt – tickets are         1 ticket    -   $5.00; 6 tickets – $10.00;  15 tickets -  $20.00
The winning ticket will be drawn the end of November.  (I don’t have a date).
We're trying to get a photo.  Florence says it's beautiful!!


Free Online Mag

Although a lot of the advertisers are Australian - (it's from Australia!), it still has some very nice free projects, block instructions, and contributions from quilters from around the world.  Wonderful article about free motion quilting in the latest one. Give it  a look see:
Click on the photo to go to the website to sign up for it.


And the Winners are:

We saw and voted on the two-color challenge last night.  I wished I had had tickets to vote on all of them.  They were great!  Here are the winners:

In first place:  Andie Babbe

In second place:  Deanna Baldwin and Angie Nudge

In Third Place:  Debi Gneckow

They were all wonderful.   More pictures to follow.

Member News 10/19/11

As most of you know, Alice took a fall coming to the meeting.  911 was called and both the Rescue Squad and an ambulance came.  Debbie Warner was helping till they arrived.  Debbie said to Alice:  "Well, one thing about this is you get to have all these young, handsome, firefighters here for you."  So when they asked her how old she was, Alice promptly said  "16".   That's our Alice!    BTW:  she spent about 3 hours at the emergency room, and then they gave her the okay to go home.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for her!

It was good to see two members back after health related issues.  Christie Fowler and Christine Sharp were there last night.  Christie was walking a little gingerly after her back surgery.  Christine was there with the neatest hairband.  She is half way through her chemo and feeling great!  It was great to see you both again with us.

On a sad note, Linda Hicks lost her son in an airplane accident.  Linda, we send you quilty hugs for you and your family and also our deepest sympathy on your loss.


We've got Pictures!

Chris Kerns, one of the hostesses for this year's sewing room tour, has sent us some photos of the fun day!  Thank you for sharing thses with us, Chris.  Now we who weren't able to attend this event can see what we missed.  Click here to go see the album.


Sew Day Fun!

Here are some photos of a fun day.  Look forward to seeing them at the next meeting!
Jeri's sample

Another sample:
Works in progress:


October Newsletter is Up!

Have a look.  Click on the Common Thread in the tab marked newsletter at the top of the home page.

BTW:  the BOM to turn in at the October meeting is the one in the September issue.  The one in the October issue will be turned in at the November meeting - This is for all the new members.