Who Brings Snacks When Change

In order to equalize the food table contributions, the order of suggested opportunities for each member to bring snacks has changed.  Everyone now has 3 opportunities on various months to bring snacks plus also at the two potlucks.  June and December birthdays have new months in which to volunteer.  Please see the new chart here.  This is a suggested, voluntary schedule which we hope is fair to everyone.

What are we exchanging at the November Meeting?

Pillows!  You're invited to make an 18" pillow to exchange at our November meeting. We do the exchange in November so that we don't have one more thing to do for Holiday madness.


You need not buy a pillow form, but the size of the finished pillow cover should fit an 18" form.  Use an orphan block, applique it, or make a new block, embellilsh it - let your imagination soar.  Wrap in a fat quarter of your choice.  Theme is winter or Christmas.


A Reminder from Christine

Our Challenge - A Journal Quilt

The latest guild challenge is exactly that . . . . a challenge.  The project is a Journal Quilt.  What is that, you ask.  Well, it is many things:
1.  The size must be 8 1/2" x 11"
2.  The design tells the story of a personal experience (as one would document in a written journal), and can be happy or sad. (i.e. family vacation, wedding, move to a new home, illness, birth of a grandchild, etc.)
3.  It is an opportunity to be creative using design and embellishments.

So please join us in making your own journal quilt to be hung on stage at the September meeting.  Please include a brief written description of the inspiration (story) of your quilt.

I have a book with hundreds of quilts shown and is called Creative Quilting, The Journal Quilt Project by Karey Patterson Bresenhan.  Look it up online or just query Journal Quilts for more ideas.  Posted here are photos I took at the Long Beach Quilt Show a few years ago. 
Look forward to seeing your quilts,


Our August Speaker:


Coming to share with us all her wonderful patterns, books, quilts, etc is Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli. She will give a lecture and trunk show.  Jane owns 1/4"  Publishing Company.  Please visit her website to see all she has to offer.  She also has a blog


Hi Angie!
We have an early sew day at Goeske, and it is the Saturday before the meeting; August 18, 2012.  We are sewing fun flannel tops for the County NICU. 26 kits of fabric are ready to go. Sew a kit and then bring your own project to work on.
Lunch is Sandwiches and Salad.  Bring ingredients.  Water, Greens, Bread and Condiments will be provided (Salad dressing, mayo & mustard).

We will have a speaker for August! Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli will give a lecture and trunk show!