I took a fabrick painting class at Road from Pat Blair. The medium used is Tsukineko ink on PFD fabric. The painting at the right is done from a photograph of my little orphaned kitten Simone curled up by my feet at about a month old. I call the picture 'Quilters Assistant in Training'. I am going to do a quilted border and make it into a wall hanging. I am so amazed at how it turned out. I was so inspired I am now working on a second painting. I feel a new obsession coming on, as if I don't have enough already.
Karen Dunivent

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Raincross Show and Share said...

Gosh, Karen, that is so kool. When it first came up on the screen, I thought it was a photograh. I love it! Are you going to thread paint also? Look forward to seeing it as it evolves into a quilt.

Angie N