Work around for blogger Comment problems

Blogger is having difficulties with the comments section.  Until it is fixed, please go to our contact/forms page and send us an email (ie:  if you want to be in the drawing for the four fat quarters and can't leave a comment, use contact us).  Ditto if you want to offer some comment, suggestion on a post, or something else.

Hopefully, this will be fixed shortly.


Anonymous said...

It seems to be working again. If you try to send and it goes doesn't go out, just send an email.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Its working 4 me,im not having any problems

Ruth S.

Sharon Demint said...

I am having a yard sale on Saturday, June 18 at 2653 klamath Ct. Selling lots of fabric, quilt books, books, beanies, stuffed animals, a little furniture, a few other things.