From our Challenge Queen, Christine!

The second challenge for this year has begun, and it is a two color quilt.  Start now and bring your finished quilt top to the October meeting.
A two color quilt can have just two fabrics, but it does not need to.  You may use many different fabrics, but you are limited to just two colors, i.e. reds and white, blues & greens, purples and yellows.  Use your imagination.  I know it is often difficult to find prints with just the two colors.  Many will have a little bit of a third color, and I'm fine with that.  It's your quilt and you have to love it.  As long as the quilt as a whole reads as two colors, we're flexible. 
Please make the quilt a minimum of 36" X 36" and as large as you like. The pattern is your choice.  Have fun!
Click on the photo to see where it's from.

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