Our Next Meeting is Tuesday 2/21/12

Have you made your BOM block?  This new BOM for 2012 is sure to be a pleaser.  And historical too - with each block about Riverside. Instructions are under the tab BOM, etc.
And remember, this year you need only make one and you get to keep yours for assembling the quilt at the end of the year. Questions?  Susan M. is the one to contact.


Chris said...

Thanks for the reminder about our meeting and for the VA quilt size on the left sidebar. Nice background color for the blog...anything pink or red for February!

Anonymous said...

Angie are we having the meeting early this month, the second instead of the third Tuesday?


Chris said...

That's a good question Anonymous. My calendar shows that we meet on the 21st (3rd Tuesday). Hummm....we'll see what the verdict is.

ANudge said...

You're right!! It's another meeting I have to go to. I am so glad I have you gals to keep me straight. THanks!

Yes, ladies it's the 21st!!