Meeting Coming uP!

It's two weeks before our next fun meeting.  Have you made your BOM block yet?  Instructions are posted under the tab BOM, etc.  You'll find a photo of Susan's beautiful rendition there also.  I'm further along than last month at this time.  I actually have it sewed together - just have to add the big "C". 

What!  My bell tower lines are crooked, uneven?!  Well those are the result of this fool rushing in when she should have read the instruction better or over of Susan's great pattern.  Yup, I should have read it three time or til it sunk in that I wasn't suppose to cut the piece she gave us - but sew on both sides of it.  Well, I did cut into it and then had to finagle how I was going to use the piece, by gum, by golly.  So figured that out and this is what I got.  And I"m not doing it over! -LOL.  I'm calling it:  "Carillon Tower during Earthquake"    AN

Meeting:  April 17th.  Sew Day:  April 21st.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank Susan for the great idea of doing a Riverside quilt. And Angie, thank you for the triangles.