Another Challenge

I was sick and missed the July meeting - heard it was a fabulous one!  Over 36 challenge quilts were shown - photos later.  Food good as always.  Yummy show n share.
Won by Anita in Florida from the studio of Luann Kessi (photo posted with permission)

Our next challenge is to make a landscape quilt!  Elly says:

Nature is so inspiring.  This is the basis for our next challenge.  Take a scene from nature: trees, leaves, ocean, lake, river, underwater, snowy mountains, etc., and turn it into a landscape quilt.  The minimum size is 20" x 14" before the borders are added (borders are not required).  The quilt can hang either vertical or horizontal.  Quilts completed up to the binding (as in quilt must be quilted) are eligible to be entered into the prize offering.  More than one quilt can be made and entered.  Every quilt submitted has an equal chance of winning.  Below are some examples found from a simple landscape quilt search from Google images.  


Rashell Tye said...

When is it due??

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

Wasn't there, Rashell - I would guess in three months, but maybe Elly or someone who knows will post.

Elly said...

This is due during the October meeting. Sorry for the lack of completion date.