Going Green

Photos courtesy of Deb Rowden's
Thrift Shop Quilts blog
As I've heard discussed amongst quilters - at shops, at shows, at guild meetings - the cost of fabric is skyrocketing.  What can we do?  Well one answer is to re-purpose fabric.  Here's how a couple of quilters are doing just that - they buy shirts at thrift stores and yard sales.  And I can't say I blame them.  I've found brand new shirts at yard sales in all colors and sizes.  Many are 100% cotton.  You can find plaids, solids, prints, shirting, madras - you name it.  Here's another from Deb:

And go here  and here to see the fabulous quilts from one of her readers. 

Now for a video from the Queen of Scraps - Bonnie Hunter!  She shows you how to get the most fabric from your thrift store finds.

Look forward to seeing your thrift store quilts.

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Chris said...

Hum.... quilts from clothing. What a novel idea!