Adopt me!

Said the UFO to the quilter.
No, it's not a stash - it's a pile of UFOs  - really!
I've been languishing in the closet.
It's a dark and lonely place.

I don't know what happened.
She was moving right along,
sewing and quilting and humming
"It's going to be a quilt!" song.

But then there was a birthday
and a visitor came our way.
A family member needed tending,
and a garden held sway.
Then there was that quilt show
when she came home with all new stuff.

So no help for me at this house.
Can you help me out a bit?
I've come and hid on your chair tonight
in hopes you'll take me home.


Laura Sublette Greer said...

Oh boy this looks like fun!! Can I be your MOM? Pretty please, pick me. :) I will give you cookies and milk or perhaps brownies. Even a couple of UFOs would be nice.


UFOS looking for new homes. What an excellent idea !! My room is happier just thinking about the relief this could provide to it while this busy little tailor is excited about something new !!! Hmmmmm.