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A few words from Becky Goldsmith:

Hello everyone,
I just posted a new video about How To Fold A Quilt. I've shown guilds and classes how I fold quilts for many years, but only today managed to get a video made. Click here to see it. The key is to always fold your quilts on the bias. Always. Never fold your quilts on the straight of grain because that can cause fibers to break and over time will cause creases to be permanent.
I have a very few holiday items on sale... the bat needle nannies, the black cat pin cushion kits, and the Christmas fairy pin cushion kits. I have fewer than 5 of each so if you want one, order soon. Click here. Each thing is in the right hand column... scroll down.
I realized today that the link for the new Christmas Delivery pattern was not on the website. You know, there are days when I'd like to smack myself upside the head :-). Anyway, I did put together a page with all of our Christmas patterns. Click here.
I'm going to work soon on a Christmas ornament and I'll have a free pattern for it. I think it will be an elf! Once I have it up, I'll let you all know.
And, I almost hate to mention it because I don't have many in stock, but I've recently discovered the hexagon papers from Busyfingers by Sue Daley. They are very nice indeed! The paper is slick and works really well with the Sewline Glue Pen. Click here for more info. My supplier is out of stock so we are all waiting on back orders. If you order, please be patient. Also, I'll be adding more of the Busyfingers products as I get them in.
Until then, happy stitching,

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