January15 By The Way

Coming Soon: B 3 Quilts.    To be presented at the January Meeting.

Bring your dues for 2015. $25.00 for the year. Our year runs February thru January.

Elections are this month.  Our slate is:

  • President--Jeri Read
  • Vice President-- Susan Miller
  • Secretary--Andie Babbe
  • Treasurer--Susan Crowley 
  • Membership--Mary Tayton
  • Show and Share--Samantha Nichols
  • Special Events--Stephanie Solfagharie
  • BOM--Carol and Elly Holmes
  • Community Service--Jennifer Horan
  • Door Prizes--Jeanne Hron & Chris Kerns
  • Blog--Angie Nudge, Elizabeth Eastmond, Ken Gibson
  • Hospitality--Sandy Sheppard
  • Thrifty Corner--Jennifer Horan
  • Mystery Box--Catherine Stenshorn, Sharon Gilbrith, and Debi Warner
Does anyone want to be added to the ballot?  If not, we will vote for the above. If yes, we will vote for those offices individually.

Thank you for voting.  You must be a member to vote.

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