You Could Be the One!

Our new officers for the year have been voted in. You can see the list under the Contact/Forms tab. If you have any questions, they are happy to provide an answer or take your suggestions.  We do need a chair in the Community Service group.  Jennifer H who is the head our large CSG says there is a need for someone to coordinate the Happy Bags project. Let me tell you about this position.

The Queen in charge of Happy Bags - my name for this much needed volunteer - stores the happy bags and other items donated, keeps a tally of how many are already made and what is needed, gives tickets for the end of the year thank you drawing, shops toward the end of the year, coordinates a sewing day if needed to have enough bags, schedules a "fill the bag day" and delivers the bags to the Loma Linda event.

Now that sounds like a lot.  Let me take a moment to thank every chair of Happy Bags we've had in the past.  You made us look good!  Thank you!!

But you know what?  It need'nt be a one person job - could be two or three working as a group. Now wouldn't that be fun!  You could meet for lunch and plan your strategy for the year - I know a quilt store right next to a deli.  It's always fun to shop with a friend when it comes to filling those bags, or maybe just one of you has a space just waiting to hold those items til it's time to get them ready.  I can see a lot of good times being had by this group.

Want to do just one part of this job?  That would work, too.  Maybe you just have available storage. That would be wonderful! Pick a part of this community service project and let Jennifer know. Sometimes it takes many hands to do one thing.

Please think about this and consider stepping forward to help these young cancer survivors.

Jennifer H's contact info is in the Directory or you could talk to her at the Corner Pay 'N' Take.

Hope to hear from you!
Directions for making a Happy Bag can be found under the Community Service tab.

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