Retreat was Fabulous

Back from retreat - what a grand time we had.  It was a beautiful place.  The weather couldn't have been nicer or the facility better.  They had set up cutting tables and ironing stations even before we got there.  Once our work stations were as we wanted, they came and taped down the cables so no one would trip.  There were bathrooms on each end of the hall, and a full kitchen to use.  And the all included meals were fabulous!
Where we went! A beautiful retreat center
in the heart of wine country in SoCal.
We even had hot air balloon sitings one morning - getting ready for balloon festival.
Mom working on her disappearing nine-patch - she got the top done!

The quilting room couldn't have been nicer.  It even has a quilting library!
Of course we had to sample the local wines!

Here we all are at Primitive Gatherings, CA store. We also went
to The Temecula Quilt Co. - two stores with big online presence.
More photos on right sidebar.  We know the week days were a problem. Next time will be a weekend - weekends were already booked a year in advance!


Linda Adams said...

Great photos! Especially the one of all of you (except one?) at Primitive Gatherings.
So glad to hear you all had such a good and productive time!

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

Yes, Betty stayed behind to keep sewing. What dedication.