Help in Finding your Decade’s Block:

More like what is not a new block, but very interesting:
Nancy Cabot's 30s blocks can be seen here

For the 60s-70s
and here is a book:

Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman. If you have it please let us know if it gives dates when originated or when popular. You can leave a comment.
An 80s favorite - pillow panels 

From Susan N at Quilt Block of the Month:



Embroidered-States-Quilt.htm  Now I remember seeing a lot of women working on both birds and flowers of the states when I was little.

The book, Victory Quilts by Eleanor Burns would probably provide some good ideas.  It's sampler quilts from the 1940s.  I imagine early in the decade there were a lot of the same designs as the thirties, judging by the fabric reproductions we've had the last ten years.  


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm old, but the 1950's seem to be missing. Anybody have a place where I can locate information on the 1950's? Thanx! The Crazy Lady

A Nudge said...

Quilting suffered a slowdown between the 1950s and the 1970s. It was still done but more subdued after the war. Wasn't til the the centennial that things picked up - and that was 1986. I'll see what I can find. AN