July 2016 Meeting Review

Greetings, quilt fans! We had another fantastic meeting last night, so let's jump right in.

First, we saw the triumphant return (although she never missed a meeting really) of our fearless President and bionic woman Jeri! Her hip replacement surgery went exceedingly well and she's already noticed the old pain is gone! WOOHOO! She also decided right before surgery to completely overhaul her sewing room, knock down walls, move mountains, etc., which has and is being performed (under her watchful eye) by her loving daughters and husband. A shout out to the fantastic R. family!

We enjoyed some lovely snacks. Please note that the snack schedule is merely a SUGGESTION. You absolutely are not obligated to bring anything, ever, or if your birthday month comes up and you simply don't have time, no problem at all! Please forgive me for not always noting this is an optional participation event (although my tummy loves it when everyone brings their tastiest!).

Speaking of which, it was my birthday month (a shout to February - what what!) and I brought the corn chowder salad, a recipe by the Smitten Kitchen if you're interested. If you didn't any, thank you for leaving me left overs! :D

Proud new Pay N Take Queen Nancy R. assists shopaholic Fern make a selection.
We also saw the equally triumphant return of the Corner Pay N Take. Nancy R. has heeded the call and has graciously stepped forward to take over. Be sure to donate to her any fabric/sewing/notions/quilting odds and ends that you want to part with as the CPNT helps raise funds for the guild. Thanks Nancy!

Happy Bag maven Dawn M. reported that last Saturday we saw about 15 members gathering at the Rancho Callabero Motor Home Club House on Van Buren and they made about 75 Happy Bags - way to go! Happy Bags are made gender and age specific and filled with age specific items like coloring and reading books, art supplies, etc. and are distributed to children surviving with and overcoming cancer at the Loma Linda Hospital "thing" (sorry I missed what it was called) the 1st Saturday in December. Our goal this year is to have 400 ready for the event and we're halfway there. Dawn is now also working on collecting items to fill the bags. At the meeting, she strung a close line with pinned specific aged type items at varying price points for people to grab and go shopping - or a donation box to accept cash for those who'd prefer not to shop. Contact Dawn M. if you missed out on grabbing your shopping list and/or to make a donation.

Elly had those who had finished the June Dolly Parton Madison block hold them up and they were beautiful! She also showed us our TWO blockS of the month due for August - the purpose is so that we'll have a total of 12 blocks at the end of the year instead of just 10 - but she's promised that the Martha Washington and Fan Waves blocks are easy...if you're getting behind on your blocks, now is the time to catch up before you get TOO far behind (ed note: *cough*).

A large group of lucky devils lead by our Evie toured the Hoffman factory last week and reported a great time was had by all. Hoffman generously gave the attendees fabric and Evie had extra, so she's set up her own challenge for those attendees who want to participate - challenge acceptees received a brown paper bag with 3 mystery Hoffman batik fat quarters...Evie's "Hoffman Challenge" is to make something, anything you want, incorporating 1, 2 or all 3 Hoffman fats plus or not plus other fabric and bring it to the September meeting. Contact Evie to see if she has any mysterious packs left!

Side note: someone left a nice white cardigan sweater at Hoffman during the tour - please contact Elly or Evie to claim it.

Our next workshop will feature the fabulous Shelley Swanland again, this time with her teaching us her own unique method for making cathedral windows with a machine! The workshop will be at the Goeske Center from 9am-3:30pm and is $30 with space for 16 attendees. HOWEVER! If we can get 30 people to sign up for the class, the price will be cut nearly in half to $16, so bring a friend. Contact Andie B. and Dawn M. to sign up.

Shelley will sell us the required pattern ($5) and optional kit ($15) at the workshop, or you can bring your own fabric based on the material list.

We welcomed one visitor, Rita, and one new member, Faten M.-S. (the owner of Easy Quilting Corner quilt shop) to our guild last night! Yay!

Our July meeting was also the due date for Elly's Two Fabric Challenge and wow! What a bonanza of quilts and bags and even a dress! Well done to everyone who participated and be sure to check out the pictures. :)

Elly announced the next challenge will be the Selvedges Challenge: make something, anything you want, that uses selvedges (and not "cheater" selvedges fabric). When questioned as to whether other fabrics can be incorporated, Elly decided that it should be "overwhelmingly" selvedges, which to her means 75% or more. So your "Overwhelmingly" Selvedges Challenge projects are due at the October meeting.

After the May embellishment workshop with Shelley Swanland, several of the attendees formed a monthly group to get together to continue working on the workshop project and more, which they named the Raincross Embellishment Society. Jeri encouraged us to think about forming and inviting into our homes other small groups of interest, like maybe a crazy quilt group or row-by-row. Talk to Jeri if you have ideas.

Name Tag Winners
Rule rack - Betty A.
Layer cake of fabric - Debbie G.
Charm pack & pattern - Sandy S.
Keepsake Quilting panel & fats - Tina G. (who is Sandy's daughter - must have rigged it!)
Batik fabric - Fern

Mystery Box Winner
- Cassandra G.