Ready for the Selvedges Challenge?

Hey folks, just your friendly bloggery reminder that you've got less than two weeks to finish up your Overwhelmingly Selvedges Challenge...

If you need some inspiration, here's a look at my work in progress!

A few tips I've learned working with selvedges:

  • If you want a bit of the fabric to show, make sure you include at least .5" of it above the selvedge when you cut the selvedge off your fabric.
  • Use LOTS of pins* (the strips like to wander about when you're sewing them down).
  • A zigzag stitch covers a multitude of sins!

*I akin this to my grandmother's stalwart motto "use more tape", especially on Christmas gifts. Fort Knox had NOTHING on her.

Can't wait to see everyone's project at the Guild meeting on the 18th!
- Cassandra G.


Susan Crowley said...

I just love your cute reminders and especially your inspiration! If you use fusible interfacing as your base, you can tack down the strips with your iron, once you like where they are. I have my project in my head, and do my best work under pressure. I hope I will grow out of that someday.

Ken said...

Great tip, Susan. I used washable glue because I wasn't as smart as you - - ha ha ha.. your tip would have made it much easier. see you..

Rebecca Gibson

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

You ladies and your new fangled techniques! In my day, we sewed both ways up hill and in the snow...er...with pins! :D
- Cassandra G.

Barbara Mathews said...

You all are toooo funny! I'm so inspired, I'm going for TWO projects!! (Am I CRAZY or WHAT?!)