Photos from Road to California

Sorry I'm a little late on this but I thought I'd share my photos from Road to California that happened in Ontario, California last month. I took my Dad and he was amazed by the incredible work by fiber artists from around the world! These are some of the pieces I really liked:

I would also like to recommend volunteering at Road next year. I love white gloving as you can get up close and personal with the quilts and really appreciate how they are made (and if you do two stints of volunteering, your ticket is freeeeee!). This year I had the privilege of white gloving the best in show for a few hours and it was awesome! So inspiring!

What was the best quilt you saw or the best find you made in the vendor mall?
- Cassandra G.


Angie in SoCal said...

Thanks so much, Cassandra. I wasn't able to go to Road, so these are such a treat. They're amazing.

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

You're welcome Angie! I'm glad to help share...I notice that road2ca.com doesn't have the 2017 winners page up yet - I do hope they do that again this year as the photographs are always really good. - Cassandra

Barbara M. said...

I THOUGHT I went up and down every row, but there are a few here that I missed! So much to see! I've white-gloved and helped hang quilts for many years - great way to get in free as well as really getting to see the quilts up close! Too many awesome vendors to pick just a few!