Looking for our charity patterns?

Hey folks, I meant to include this in the meeting review notes...if you're looking for the rape crisis center bag pattern or the happy bag pattern, or even the Raincross Quilt Guild expenses form, they are always available on the Guild Links page* (see the tab above or click this link).

Sorry for the short post so I'll add a bonus. Here is my great grandfather James Peterson Gray (on the right) and four of his five brothers (photo circa 1900). How 'bout dem ears?! Thankfully this blessing seems to skip the female members of the Gray family :D

- Cassandra G.

*Edit: I see I already had some on the Charity page, so I'll make it easy and just put charity patterns on BOTH pages. Hopefully I don't break the internet! - cg

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Carol Holmes said...

Yup, dem some ears! lol I love old family pics.