Are you doing the Challenge?

Here's Christine - our Challenge Queen for the Year.  She's having two opportunities for us to challenge ourselves and do something "outside the box" (well, maybe for some of us).  First and due in May is the Strip quilt challenge - whereby you make a quilt that has 2 1/2" strips in it in any pattern you want.  The goal here is to demonstrate how many strips quilts there are out there.  What fun.  And there are monetary prizes for this one!  We get to vote with quarters.  Woohoo!  You pick the size, color, pattern, fabric.  Needs only to be a flimsy to participate.
PS:  Don't you just love her name tag?  All those pins!


Susan Crowley said...

Mine is almost ready! - Susan Crowley

Susan Crowley said...

Christine - If you don't see a 2.5" strip (mine have been cut down to the shape for my pattern) would my entry be disqualified?