Good Time had by All

And the winner is.............
at our March quilt guild meeting that is.  Lots of good food - thank you, Ladies!!  Wonderful show n share, and a great mystery box, that a mystery person won (I'm blushing that I don't know this member - If you know who it was, please leave a comment and let us know - all I do remember is that she does beautiful quilting.  Then we'll know who to ask about the great items she won and how she likes them).  And we had Tool-Time Tilly as our guest speaker.  That was fun, we learned some things, and there were prizes!! - that was an unexpected bonus.

Tilly shared a lot of tips about the quilting process and some of the members helped by also giving us some.  If you remembered one she gave us (I was too busy taking pics to jot them down), or know of one not mentioned and you'd like to share, leave a comment to this post.  We'd be thrilled to learn more.

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