Member News 10/19/11

As most of you know, Alice took a fall coming to the meeting.  911 was called and both the Rescue Squad and an ambulance came.  Debbie Warner was helping till they arrived.  Debbie said to Alice:  "Well, one thing about this is you get to have all these young, handsome, firefighters here for you."  So when they asked her how old she was, Alice promptly said  "16".   That's our Alice!    BTW:  she spent about 3 hours at the emergency room, and then they gave her the okay to go home.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for her!

It was good to see two members back after health related issues.  Christie Fowler and Christine Sharp were there last night.  Christie was walking a little gingerly after her back surgery.  Christine was there with the neatest hairband.  She is half way through her chemo and feeling great!  It was great to see you both again with us.

On a sad note, Linda Hicks lost her son in an airplane accident.  Linda, we send you quilty hugs for you and your family and also our deepest sympathy on your loss.


Chris said...

Thank you "sew" much for these updates since our meeting. And it was great to see Christie and Christine Tuesday evening!

Sharon said...

Yes, THANK YOU for informing us - and please continue to update us on any relevant member issues!! Quilty hugs to all!!