We've got Pictures!

Chris Kerns, one of the hostesses for this year's sewing room tour, has sent us some photos of the fun day!  Thank you for sharing thses with us, Chris.  Now we who weren't able to attend this event can see what we missed.  Click here to go see the album.



Looks wonderful!!! I may take back my offer to think about adding my humble little seeing room to the tour in two years after seeing these spacious rooms. We shall see. I have two years to prepare, right? And chances are I will be unpacked by the two year mark.

Chris said...

Hey, now KT. I had the smallest sewing room and by far the smallest house. My thought was to show that one machine in a small room can pump out plenty of quilts. Looking forward to seeing yours next time! Yep, you've got two years to plan but all 5 of us joked that it all comes down to the last two weeks. CK

Sharon said...

All 5 sewing rooms were terrific - what an inspiration. And what a great fun day!! Thank you all!!