Here's a Recap...

... as we start a brand new year of quilting and sharing:

From our Secretary, Andie:
Board members for our 2013 year were voted in at our last meeting, January 15,2013, They are:
     President  -  Jeri Read'
     Vice President  -  Christie Fowler
     Secretary  -  Andie Babbe
     Treasurer  -  Susan Crowley
     Membership  -  Mary Taynton

     Show & Share  -  Lynn Cashman & Vangie Gorman
     Special Events & Programs  -  Christie Fowler
     Block of the Month  -  Susan Miller
     Challenges  -  Elly Holmes
     Community Service Coordinator  -  Helda Delatorre
          Happy Bags  -  Bonnie Hale
          Veterans Quilts  -  Evie Rienstra
          Animal Shelter  -  RenĂ©e Thieszen
          Neonatal Quilts  -  Erica Moore
     Door Prizes  -  Debbie Warner & Ann Meuse
     Web Mistress  -  Angie Nudge
     Hospitality  -  Sandy Sheppard
     Thrifty Corner  -  Liliana Davis
     Mystery Box  -  Deanna Baldwin

They'd love to hear from you.  You can find contact info in the Guild Directory.  AN

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