From Elly, Our Challenge Chair:

Hi everyone,

Here is the information for  where the challenge quilt design originated.  The due date for the challenge is the July meeting, so three months from this April meeting we will show the quilts.  The web site above is the designers website for this specific quilt.  Her name is Wendy Sheppard.  You can see the instructions for our version here.  Note the pattern is for personal use only. Also if shown, please attribute design to Wendy.

I'm also including a picture of the quilt top I made and a picture of the challenge fabric. 

Anybody who wants to participate will receive two 2 1/2" strips of the challenge fabric.  This is enough to make 32 blocks.  The instructions and yardages for the fabrics are for 20 blocks. 

Any questions?  Contact Elly H.


Chris said...

I know *exactly* where this photo was taken. Lovely display of the challenge quilt, Elly!

Rashell Tye said...

I would love to participate!! How can I get my strips??? Thank you Rashell Tye

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

The instructions for the challenge are in this post (click on the highlighted here in the text) and also under the tab BOM, etc.