Join in on the Fun

of working with other Raincross Quilt Guild members and learning new techniques for your quilting.  Janet T is hosting a group that meets after the guild meeting where members show how they've played with scraps from their stashes.  The group is using Quilters Playtime by Dianne Hire.  Here's a review by Sarah Bellum at Amazon: "I am a quilter who absolutely loves playing with fabric and hates measuring. Dianne's book is my dream workbook--it's full of ways to play with your fabrics and learn new approaches to creating a beautiful quilt, and encourages a playful, risk-taking spirit.  The book is divided into different "games," like Hopscotch, where you create a series of narrow, then wide, then narrow pieces that really do look like the hopscotch..."(read more here)

Sarah shared the group's first playtime results. Call her for which game they'll be playing next.

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