A Fun meeting

Our December meeting was a lot of fun - the yummy potluck - what a lot of great cooks we have in our group!  Thank you!

After a wonderful Show and Share (photos coming soon), we had the much anticipated Mystery Box

Dorothy M was the lucky ticket holder that night.  And lastly, we had a great "thank you raffle" for the membership giving away some quilty treats during this season of giving. Each attending member received 4 free tickets to put in the envelope of the item desired. Given away were:
1.  Quilt Frame      2.  Iron

3. Beautiful handmade bag   4.  embroidery center block

5. Embroidered wall hanging    6. Embroidered roses

7.  set of embroidered cats

8.  frog quilt

9. 8 black fat quaters  10.  watercolor book  11 Cut n Press board

12.  Quilt design book and stencils 13.  New Clover Mini Iron II

14.  Book about quilting and a whole cloth quilt pattern 15.  roll of Ultra hold fusible and 2 rulers.

16 - and a whole bin of quilting books.

Congratulations to all the lucky members.
PS:  all the above were donations - no Guild monies were spent.
Merry 4th Day of Christmas

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Sue Carter said...

We do have a lot of fun at our meetings!