A Sister Blog

Yep, we have a sister blog now.  You can see it here.

What is it?  A place to share what we create as we make our Blocks of the Month at Raincross.  I'm betting quite a few of us still have a pile of blocks won, a block made and orphaned, a block that never got shown. There are probably also piles of blocks from former guild swaps, or squares exchanged.

So to encourage us to start to work on those forgotten BIPs (blocks in Pause), our sister blog is here to help.  You can show the current BOM block or a past one - whatever you are working on.  If we all work just 15 minutes a day on BIPs - bet we'd have a lot to show.  And of course we can share our 2014 BOM blocks too.

All you need to do to join in is go to our sister blog, leave a message there, and instructions on how easy it is to post will be sent to you.

Looking forward to encouraging each other in getting those BIPs to done!

PS - Saturday is National Quilting Day - let's all do some BIP sewing then.

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