Another place to search

Haven't found a block?  Try the Quilt Index or copy and paste into your browser: http://www.quiltindex.org/browse.php
Scroll down to the time periods to narrow down your search.  There will thousands so you'll have to do a bit of searching. Reading the captions to the right of the thumbnails you'll be able to find one in your decade. Then read the basic record to see if it is made from an earlier period.  Below is an example of one with a copyright date of 1954 (and yes, Angie with foot in mouth clarifies that copyright has been around since the Romans, although many in US haven't taken it seriously until the Copyright Act of 1976).
Boyd, Leona Uelia Phillips. Grandma's Brooch. c. 1954. From Arizona Quilt Documentation Project, . Published in The Quilt Index, http://www.quiltindex.org/basicdisplay.php?kid=67-EC-290. Accessed: 09/21/2015
Have fun finding your block!  This is a fabulous site.

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