Another QOV Presentation

And a thank you note from the family:

Hi Ms. C,

I just want to get back to you so you know the wonderful impact of your organization's beautiful gift to Lewis Barrett this last Monday. Even the presentation by you created an opportunity to bring family and care staff together in a way that has renewed this wonderful man's support system to improve and increase his quality of life.

It was many years that our uncle Lewis seemed anonymous as to his military past, which has always effected his life and family. It has been in recent years that he has looked back and taken some degree of pride and acceptance and has been willing to talk about it. The quilt was almost an overwhelming experience, but he recognizes the singular significance of this recognition and he is very proud and continues to "glow".

We appreciate the work and effort, and creativity that went in to it. It was beautifully patriotic and symbolic of the honor it connotes. Please extend our appreciation to your colleagues and especially the ladies who made the quilt. The impact will continue to be present in Lewis' life and decorative in his living environment.

I have included a few pictures.

Thank you very much,
on behalf of Lewis' family and on his behalf,

Bill and Lorraine Mairs

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Carol Holmes said...

It's wonderful to make a difference in someones life. My husband was a Vietnam Vet, so I know how unappreciated they all felt.