In case you missed Road...

All of the 2016 award winning quilts are now on Road to California's website and I highly recommend checking them out!

The Best in Show is a mind bending quilt by Melissa Sobotka of Richardson, TX called Silk Road Sampler. Each color you see in the quilt is a unique, tiny piece of fabric - it was amazing!

Silk Road Sampler by Melissa Sobotka
One of my other favorite pieces in the show was one of the 2015 Hoffman Challenge winners, a beautiful long coat by Marijke Van Welzen of Vlaardingen, The Netherlands called Over The Rainbow. I had the honor of white gloving in the Hoffman Challenge exhibit and got to show off this coat over and over (the back was amazing!!).
 - Cassandra G.

Over The Rainbow by Marieke Van Welzen

Over The Rainbow by Marieke Van Welzen

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