Weekend Reminders: Sew Day and Dickens Fest!

Just a friendly reminder that you've got plans this weekend!

This Saturday is a Sew Day at the Janet Goeske Center. We'll be working on making as many baby quilts as we can with the aid of a few AccuQuilts brought in by some of our guild members, and with fabric scraps and remnants donated to the guild last year by Beary Basics!

Last year, we had a few fabric cutting days at Susan M.'s house (where this fabric is still taking up so much space in her garage! yikes!), after which we produced one full plastic grocery bag of cut strips and squares. Our own Elly H. absconded with that bag and produced NINE baby quilts! Here are a few of them for your inspiration!

Baby Quilt by Elly H.

Baby Quilt by Elly H.

Baby Quilt by Elly H.

Baby Quilt by Elly H.

Baby Quilt by Elly H.
Lunch will Salad Potluck, so bring your salad toppings and sides.

Folks who join us will be eligible to take home some of the Beary Basics fabric home to do whatever they'd like with it! See you at the Goeske at 9!

Aaaaand then there's the Dickens Fest also happening this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. Anne Boss, who joined us at our meeting last week, will be hosting a Civil War quilting bee by the historic courthouse. She has asked us to help by coming and doing hand sewing and quilting to share with the visitors. Check the last blog for more information!
- Cassandra G.


Arlene said...

Great job Elly.

Angie in SoCal said...

Cute quilts, Elly. We appreciate all you do for the guild and community service. Thanks for the reminders, Cassandra.

Barbara M. said...

Spent the day with Ann and several Guild members at the Dickens' Fest - fun! Ended up doing more talking than sewing, though!
Thanks Cassandra for the GREAT job on the Raincross blog!!

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

Oh gosh, thanks! I'm having fun. :)

- Cassandra G.