Request for Fabric Masks by Riverside Kaiser OB/GYN

There has been a buzz lately as to whether we as sewers can help by making some kind of mask that can be used by medical professionals in some capacity. We have been asked by a labor and delivery nurse at Riverside Kaiser to make fabric masks.

Please use the instructions as laid out in either of the following videos. If you do not have access to elastic, please contact Jeri R. or Lisa S. (Jeanne H.'s sister). We are looking to make 200 masks.

Mask Choice A
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TITLE OF THIS VIDEO SAYS THESE MASKS ARE COVID-19 - THEY ARE NOT! But this pattern is easy and with the available pocket for single use filters, this makes this type of mask a good choice and will help reduce the need for other masks, such as N95 masks that are required for staff working with COVID-19 patients.

Mask Choice B
Again, this mask will most likely not protect against COVID-19, but might be usable by medical staff in non-surgical and non-COVID-19 situations to help alleviate the total demand for masks staff need when working with COVID-19 patients.

Please contact Jeri R. or Lisa S. if you have any questions, or better yet, hop over to our Facebook Group for discussion with Jeri and Lisa (or to get Lisa's phone number as she is a fairly new member to the guild). Lisa S. is coordinating this effort.

As a reminder, the very best things you can do to help the fight against COVID-19 is to stay home and to wash your hands with soap. Stay safe everyone.
- Cassandra G.


Angie in SoCal said...

Does anyone know how long the elastic is suppose to be?

Unknown said...

Angie the ones you can buy (used to be able to) are about (6-6.5" from edge to edge.

E. Bailey said...

Where do we take them to?

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

Eileen, you're not taking them anywhere. Lisa S. is organizing, so please contact her. She's fairly new to the guild, so I've posted her phone number on the guild page in Facebook. I just asked to be your Facebook friend so that I can add you to the group. - Cassandra

E. Bailey said...

OK thanks Cassandra!